Set Cannon For Delicious!

i3 was a hopping place Tuesday evening with a great many projects playing a game of beat the clock to be ready for Maker Faire this weekend. The Twinkie car got much of the backing for its body completed, making way for us to attach its spongy and delicious shell. Most real size Twinkies have a hidden treasure of deliciousness inside, and our king size version will be no different, sporting a Twinkie cannon to share sugary munition with anyone in firing range!  Check out our video of it in action, and remember kids, don’t try this at home.  Try it at Maker Faire instead!

Ed’s feedback instrument is making good progress, though he’s still got a few spots he’s trying to work out in time for the show. We’re still attempting to figure out how he’s getting a square wave from a round hole so to speak, but I’m confident he’ll have it worked out before Maker Faire.  Let’s just hope he has time to install his volume knob as that bad boy is LOUD right now.

Matt was busy improving the bellows on our beer growler organ, Red Green’s favorite project other than himself, to try to improve the durability of the bellows. The plastic and glue that holds them together is not likely to survive heavy abuse at Maker Faire, so he added limiters to prevent overzealous musicians from pushing them too far. While his rendition of “Mary Had a Little Lamb” on them was lovely, the next job is to figure out some more contemporary music by showtime. If we’re lucky he won’t choose Rick Astley.

The Power Wheels car is coming along nicely with a whole team working under Ted’s watchful eye: grinding, sawing, welding, and drilling with a generous side of goofing around. A few slipped band saw blades later coupled with several hours of effort and our steering overhaul is almost complete. With the motor mounted, rear axle set and spinning, and spiffy paint job, this project is really coming into focus. If you see Ted, be sure to congratulate him on his good work, but don’t shake his hand right now; he forgot that angle grinders make metal hot. OUCH!

Finally, a reminder for everyone: this weekend is Maker Faire at The Henry Ford Museum where i3 and hundreds of other exhibitors will be bringing all the cool gadgets, gizmos, toys, crafts, sculptures, and other creations big and small for your amusement. Great fun will be had by all and tickets are still available at the door. In addition, Saturday evening will be the i3 Detroit party and anyone over 21 is welcome to enjoy the festivities!

Maker Faire Hours:
Saturday, July 31 9:30AM-8PM
Sunday, August 1 9:30AM-5PM

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