Software Freedom Day 2013!


i3 Detroit will be celebrating Software Freedom Day this year with an event on Saturday, September 21st from 1pm to 7pm!

We will be demonstrating various Linux distributions on popular open hardware platforms like the Raspberry Pi and Beagle Bone Black. We will also have some VIA 6 based mini-ITX systems in varied states of completeness to give away with donation. Additionally we will have some 8GB USB 2.0 drives which we will load with whatever FOSS software you like for a $7 donation, which is just $1 dollar over the best price available for that hardware.

Of course we will be open to any other appropriate activities if there is interest and time. 😀
Maybe we will play with CHIRP, the Free Open Source Software for managing your HAM Radio. Or maybe we’ll be flashing some Androids, don’t worry they love it!

We will also have Pizza available and other food upon request! Soda etc as always is available for 50 cents.

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