Come FLOSS this Saturday!

Announcing ‘Open Source¬†Saturday’¬†or OSS.

We’re starting up a series of meetups, workshops, and classes to meet the¬†growing¬†interest in free and open source technology. All are welcome to attend and learn why free software is a good thing.

This OSS: Workshop : SSH + Screen

Ever wanted to have access to a computer without physically being there? VNC and RDP seem too slow and clunky? Too paranoid to surf the net at a coffee shop, or just don’t trust those on the same network as you? This Saturday we’ll explore the power and wonder of SSH and Screen,¬†probably¬†two of the most used and useful commands. You’ll learn to copy and share files across the net, tunnel your web traffic in a safe and secure manner. Even if you already know SSH / Screen you’re bound to learn something new.¬† At the very least, come to learn a couple new¬†acronyms and have a good time.

What to expect? You should bring a laptop; or if you don’t have one, a healthy dose of patience.

We plan to start around 7pm