Come FLOSS this Saturday!

Announcing ‘Open Source Saturday’ or OSS.

We’re starting up a series of meetups, workshops, and classes to meet the growing interest in free and open source technology. All are welcome to attend and learn why free software is a good thing.

This OSS: Workshop : SSH + Screen

Ever wanted to have access to a computer without physically being there? VNC and RDP seem too slow and clunky? Too paranoid to surf the net at a coffee shop, or just don’t trust those on the same network as you? This Saturday we’ll explore the power and wonder of SSH and Screen, probably two of the most used and useful commands. You’ll learn to copy and share files across the net, tunnel your web traffic in a safe and secure manner. Even if you already know SSH / Screen you’re bound to learn something new.  At the very least, come to learn a couple new acronyms and have a good time.

What to expect? You should bring a laptop; or if you don’t have one, a healthy dose of patience.

We plan to start around 7pm

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