WinterLAN 2013

The annual WinterLAN is upon us once again!!

On January 12th, i3 Detroit will be hosting the Fourth annual i3 WinterLAN Social event, starting Saturday at noon and ending when the sun comes up on Sunday.

The event will be all about games – BYOC (Bring your own computer) gaming, Board gaming, and tabletop RPG.

The i3Detroit common space will be set up for computer gaming with plenty of power, tables, and chairs. The loft will sport a projector hooked up for console gaming (Got a vintage console you can bring?). Board games will take place in any of our multiple rooms.

If you have any kind of game people will enjoy, bring it, bring yourself, and bring your thirst for gaming. See you then!



*Unreal Tournament 99 – Can be found cheap $5-10
*Fear Combat – $Free
*CS:S CounterStrike:Source – $19.99
*TF2 – Team Fortress 2 – $19.99
*Quake Live – $Free
*L4D2 – $49.99
*WCIII BattleChest – $19.99
and more…


*Console gaming & relaxing area
*NES, if someone brings one.
*Sega, if someone brings one.
*NeoGeo, if you bring one ;)

Whiteboard room projector

*RockBand/Guitar Hero

Workshop Tables

*Board Games*

What do people have available?
Settlers of Catan?
If you have a game people will enjoy, bring it!!

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  1. Ron says:

    I’ve been wanting to play Risk Legacy, I own an un-played copy.
    The catch is I want to play with 5 players that have not played or seen the secret cards yet. I also want to play with the same 5 people through all 15-16 games… That has so far been impossible to find the players and the time. I was thinking all 5 of us can pitch in $10 for the game (its $50) and we play one game after its all over, and who ever wins the last game keeps it.

    I also have a few copies of Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance… (PC RTS)

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