Open Shop Pumpkin Costume carving Friday 28th 7pm

Open shop Friday this week will be filled with pumpkins, sharp objects and last minute costume creations.

Come check out the space before the party this weekend and join in on the fun of decorating the space, carving/painting a pumpkin or coming up with that last piece for your costume!

I will have a few supplied pumpkins to carve but not many, so bring one along,   also we’ll save the seeds and have someone bake them up for the party!  So the more we do the more seeds we’ll have to nom on Ssaturday!!

Open Shop Friday 7pm 9-23-11, Floppy Disks Saturday

It’s time for another Open Shop Friday, kicking off around 7pm.

There will be welding: Our welding area has a new sign, and it needs to be mounted…

There will be decorating: The treehouse (loft) is due for a revamp of the lights, vines, and leaves.

There may be junk: When our “graveyard” fills up, the junk therein becomes fair game. Last week, a VCR was turned into a skateboard (and named the “Tape Deck”), and a starship with leather warp nacelles was… constructed.

And on Saturday afternoon, join us at 2pm for a Floppy Disk Archiving Party. If you still have data on old floppy disks, it’s probably too late, but we’ll be whipping out the KryoFlux and saving what we can! Bring your pile of disks and your taste for retro techno and chiptunes, and we’ll make an evening of it.

Open Shop Tonight (8/12 @ 7p)

Time for another open shop at i3 Detroit.  We will be open for tours, project help and more starting at 7p until the last member passes-out.

A number of projects will be worked on including the Podcast Trailer which is getting some much needed roof insulation.

Come say hi, bring a project or throw your hand in to help with someone else’s project.

Open Shop Tonight (6/17) @ 7p

Come check out i3 Detroit tonight as it should be a busy night.

We will be working on our Power Wheels Racers (last week before Kansas City Race) as well as testing our Red Bull Creation Challenge War Room.

All guests are welcome at 7pm tonight and are encourage to help on our group projects, work on their own or just tour the space.

See you tonight.