Water Rocket Meet-Up – 6/8 @ 7p

i3 Detroit is never one to back down from a challenge and one has been issued.  Our friends at Air Command Water Rockets released a series Four-Square-esque challenges for the art of building water rockets.  WE ARE IN.

To take on these challenges, we are going to explore a weekly meet-up for brainstorming and testing the challenges over the summer.

The first one will be this Wednesday at 7p.  It’s a bit short notice because we were also asked by a local magazine to write up a family friendly craft and we are going to do small water rockets for it.  Photos due ASAP.

Come join us for the fun and lets get some of those challenges marked off.  For other hackerspaces reading this, we would love to have some other challengers and make this really big for Air Command.

Full List of Challenges – http://www.aircommandrockets.com/10_Challenges.htm

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  1. George says:

    Great to see you guys will have a go at the challenges. Please let us know of your progress so we can post a link to it on the challenges page, so others can follow your progress.


    – George

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