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2011-07-12 i3 Detroit Board Meeting

July 12, 2011

Members Present: Ross Smith Eric Merrill Paul Kerchen Joe Bender Nate Bezanson Ed Platt

Meeting called to order at 7:16 PM.

Ferndale Chamber of Commerce--Jennifer Roosenberg, Executive Director

  • Benefits of membership (see flyer for full list):
    • Some benefits might not make sense for i3 (unmployment insurance discounts, etc)
    • Social media: Facebook 500-600 fans, 1500 group page, members can post on feed; Twitter group has ~1600 followers, retweets member tweets
    • Weekly e-list of events
    • Members of i3 Detroit could get discounted CoC membership
    • Might be able to have Core members get member-to-member discounts
    • Members can put promotional materials in CoC lobby
    • Stay and Play social club: regularly does fun hobby/social events; could tie in with i3
    • Perhaps i3 could host a social event for its members
    • CoC owns marquee at 9 Mile & Woodward; members can advertise at member rate; message must be brief (4 lines of 16 characters)
    • CoC can help with fundraising: access to biz community, social media networks
    • Quarterly educational workshops and seminars
      • Open to Core members, as representatives of i3 Detroit, not to business owners who just happen to be i3 members
      • Next seminar: securing funding for business
    • CoC is working with Kiva Detroit to see what can be done together
    • Access to membership mailing list (for one-time announcements, not recurring subscriptions)
    • Forum similar to Motor City Connect (eg., BNektar tastings are announced on this forum)

15-minute interlude trying to get the phone set up

Red Bull free product

  • NY rep told RBC crew that she can make getting product happen for i3 if local rep doesn't.

Dust Collector

  • Opportunity to get large collector unit that can serve entire wood shop
  • Asking price is $750
  • Sawdust control is a fire hazard
  • Collector footprint is probably the same as a fridge; outside placement may be technically possible, though there may be landlord/easement issues
  • Dustin and Nate will check it out
  • Located in Fraser; can be hauled with trailer or full sized truck
  • Would also need ducting, machine adaptors, etc.
  • Should be able to handle metal shavings, small screws, etc.
  • Dustin and Nate W will champion project
  • No member vote necessary
  • i3 will limit reimbursement to $600.
  • Vote: Shall i3 reimburse the cost of acquiring and installing the dust collector system with a limit of $600?
   Yes: 6
   No: 0
   Absent: 1

Electric Bill

  • Ross needs to verify that they know we're self-reading

501(c)(3) status

  • Need two things: Narrative description and financial plan
  • Need to get taxes squared away--Paul and Ed
  • Eric can get narrative of another organization (cousin's organization?)
  • Should be done before September
  • As long as non-profit is postmarked by November, PPT should be okay

Maker Faire

  • Transporting
    • Need to get truck (can make multiple trips)
  • Party planning
    • Brad seems to have it under control
    • Need to get momentum going on list
    • Ed will back Brad with party planning
  • There is some concern that there won't be enough room for people in the tent
  • Swit's projects may need to be indoors due to sensitivity to wind
  • Kristine suggested having a live link between D7 and i3; probably not technically feasible in the time left
  • Time-lapse photo cameras would be cool
  • Swag: plenty of t-shirts left, need more hats & patches
  • Squiggle trike will be at MF

Neighboring space

  • Neighboring tenant is getting evicted
  • Landlord has told us that there is a possible new tenant, but he doesn't like him
  • Landlord is open to possibility of splitting space into thirds: one third for i3, one third for landlord and one third for landlord renting/leasing to i3 members.
  • Eric and Ross will develop a detailed plan on how to fund and use it
  • Need to ask landlord about storing stuff there

Mouse problems

  • Dustin's dad is a pest control guy; he may be able to help us out
  • Need to send reminder to list; mention at next general meeting

Pile o' Laser Cutters

  • Possibly could get a bunch
  • Tubes only; no cutting tables
  • Functionality unknown
  • Probably will take a pass
  • Might be of interest to individual members

TorqCut CNC

  • Nate will be working on CNC now that he's back in town
  • Technical difficulties are slowing progress, but it's still underway
  • Joe will make a post requesting status reports on big projects (TorqCut, plasma cutter, etc).
 Status report should include time estimates, help needed, etc.

Plasma cutter

  • Rumor is that Walter broke his leg
  • Work appears to be underway, need to get progress report from Walter (or Lee?)
  • Need to get a completion date


  • No apparent progress since last party
  • If it's not registered for MF, it needs to go ASAP
  • In a pinch, might be able to store it next door until after party
  • Joe will contact Trevor about status

RedBull Recap

  • Not officially second place (there is no second place); cannot say we placed second
  • SquiggleTrike will be at MF
  • Crowd-sourced, distributed control center worked great
  • Ted suggested i3 telepresence pod for future events
  • Other teams didn't seem to have nearly the same level of support as i3 team

Board Calendar

  • Ed will set up a Google calendar for board business (rent, taxes, etc)

Meeting adjourned at 10:00PM.

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