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Recent and Upcoming Meetings

Member Meetings are every first and third Tuesday at 7:30pm at i3Detroit
Board Meetings are every second Tuesday at 7:30pm at i3Detroit

Note: Board meetings through December 2019 have been rescheduled to the second Thursday of the month, still at 7:30pm and still at i3Detroit.

Most Recent Meeting Minutes
Upcoming Meeting Agendas

Space and Equipment
Info for Members

Rules and Guidelines
Public Relations

Table of Zones

Zone Slack Channel Zone Coordinator(s) Zone Email(s) Tag color
Bicycle Shop #bike_zone Mark Orange
CNC Shop #cnc-zone Thad Johnson SlateGray
Classroom #classroom-planning L.U. Cymry none
Commons Area #commons-area Alec Beardsley Turquoise
Craft Room #craft-room Kevin FloryJan Henry Gold
Electronics Lab #elab Nate Bezanson Yellow
Fab Lab #fablab Amelia Meyer Red
Infrastructure #infrastructure Evan Allen Aquamarine
Injection Molding Shop #injectionmolding Thad Johnson DarkGreen
Jewelry Zone #jewelry-zone Ann Marie McFadden Orchid
Kiln Zone #kiln-zone Jody RaifordVanessa Lipson Red
Laser Cutter #laserzone Mike FinkBryan Williams Yellow
Leather Loft #space-business Karianne Gottschalk Chartreuse
Machine Shop #machine-shop Evan Allen Blue
Media Lab #media_zone Robert BurnsMatt Arnold Chartreuse
Mobile Equipment Storage Area #commons-area Alec Beardsley Turquoise
Sewing Zone #sewing Jan Henry PowderBlue
Tool Crib #tool-crib Mark Furland DeepPink
Vinyl Shop #vinyl_zone Bryan Williams Orange
Welding Area #welding Jody Raiford Purple
Wiki #wiki PowderBlue
Wood Shop #wood-shop Thomas Tusano Green


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