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Real Name Kevin Flory
E-mail Address [[E-mail Address::In CRM]], posted in Craft RoomURIs of the form "posted in Craft Room" are not allowed.
Phone Number [[Phone Number::In CRM]], posted in Craft Room

Craft Room Coordinator

Authorized to use:

Fabric Cutting Table and Giant Mat 4x8'
Trogdor (Kiln)
Powermatic 14 inch Bandsaw
Powermatic Belt & Disc Sander 1.5 hp, 230V
Line-O-Scribe Showcard Writer

Certified Trainer on:

Husqvarna Designer SE

Preferred Contact

Call me, text me, or come see me in person. (I have 'office hours' Friday nights, and come to the space evenings about every 1-2 days.)

Craft Room Co-Coordinator

I served as the Craft Room sole coordinator from Winter 2012, and co-coordinator from 2017 onward (the lovely Jan Henry is the other.) I specialize in painting, drawing, and decorative arts; Jan is our sewing expert.

Trains On

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  • I can also train on the small letterpress, along with Ashley Prescott-Lesser.
  • Training is not required for the vinyl cutter, but I'll gladly show you how to use it.
  • Training is not required for the small equipment in the Craft Room, but again, I'll gladly show you how to use it.
  • Please note that **I'm no longer the resident trainer** on the Husqvarna embroidery machine. Our offsite expert is the fabulous Liz C (contact details in the CRM), and our onsite trainers are Greg Good and Jen Nagle.

Teaching and training is by appointment. I also schedule classes irregularly.


I teach:

  • Watercolor Basics
  • Advanced Watercolor Technique (washes and gradation, underdrawing in ink, textural methods)
  • Oil Painting Basics
  • Advanced Oils (stretching canvases, glazing technique, blending technique, palette management)
  • Mat Cutting
  • Basic Gilding
  • Basic Calligraphy
  • Quill Pens

Teaching and training is by "just ask".



The piece is a student copy of a full-size oil painting by J. A. D. Ingres, a 19th-century French painter. However, it's been reduced to around 19% of the original, posing a bit of a miniaturization challenge. (The original is 1 x 1.467 m (3.2 x 4.8 ft); this copy is 19 x 28 cm (7.5 x 11 in)). I put in quite a few long nights working with a quill pen and fine brush!)



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Event Host

I have earned the Event Host MeritBadge

If teaching Bob Ross counts as hosting an event, I'm covered...although actually, the honors for this badge really belong to Matt O.


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