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Zone Information
Zone Name Craft Room
Status Active
Zone Slogan "We make it work"
Zone Coordinator(s) Jan HenryKevin Flory
Zone Slack #craft-room
Zone E-mail
Zone Color Gold
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If you're reading this on the Wiki, a full (searchable) list of materials and supplies in the Craft Room follows. Please note that the list was last updated in 2015.

As of 2016-09-29, the equipment pages for the Cricut and Necchi need to be updated to show that the equipment is no longer in the space. The Silhouette, laminator, book press, Husqvarna Emerald, Singer 660, paper cutter, glue guns, iron, and mats need to be added or reviewed, and the list of small equipment (equipment without own pages) needs revision.


The Craft Room budget is open to all viewers; the current version is at File:Budget.v2-0.20161202.xls.

Equipment Links

See also detailed list below.

Subject Matter Experts

If you'd like to find someone to give technical advice on using a specific machine or technique, or are willing to be listed as someone who can help others, please contact Kevin Flory.

  • Kevin Flory: Painting, drawing [specialties: oils and watercolor ], gold leafing
  • Jan Henry: Sewing
  • Ashley Prescott Lesser: Mosaic (member is not currently active)
  • Chris Bohinsky: Leatherworking (tools marked with neon green tape) (member is not currently active)

External Documentation


Major Equipment

Item Detailed Description Owner/Sponser (If Known) Pic
Shared Craft Room Laptop For use by everyone. Has Windows and Ubuntu systems installed--select desired system using arrow keys at time of boot.

The Windows system has the Silhouette utilities and drivers installed, as well as:

  • OpenOffice
  • Notepad++
  • InkScape
  • Gimp, Paint.NET
  • Sure Cuts A Lot
  • Firefox
  • Spotify

The Windows system is currently configured to print to the 5Si and Samsung printers.

CraftRoomInventory SharedLaptop.jpg
Husqvarna Sewing and Computerized Embroidery Machine See equipment page here and basic embroidery use page here. I3 See equipment page.
Singer Sewing Machine See equipment page here. Unknown None At Present
Necchi Sewing Machine See equipment page here. Unknown None At Present
Singer "Ultralock" Serger 14U34 See online manual (from the Singer site) here. Cutters recently sharpened; please contact coordinator with any complaints. Owner: Trevor None At Present

Minor Equipment

Item Detailed Description Owner/Sponsor (If Known) Pic
Brushes, Q-Tips, Palettes Melissa Binkowski None At Present
Sketching Board Board with clips to secure sketch pad or paper Kevin F.
Easel Kevin F.
Paper Trimmer 1 `guillotine' trimmer, 13" bed Presumed Mel B.
CraftRoomInventory GuillotinePaperTrimmer.jpg
Paper Trimmer 1 flatbed `roller' trimmer, 12" bed Presumed Nick B.
CraftRoomInventory RollerPaperTrimmer.jpg
Laminator Hand crank, self adhesive style, suitable for 8 1/2" x 11" sheets
Sewing Miscellany Kit 1 Kit with mixed sewing supplies ? None At Present
Black & Decker Iron See equipment page here. None None At Present
Black & Decker "Steam XPress" Iron See equipment page here. None None At Present
Proctor-Silex "Ultra-Ease" Iron See equipment page here. None None At Present
Badger Airbrush Kit Includes paints, instructional guide, and cleaning materials. Unknown None At Present
Button Maker See equipment use page here. Presumed Nick B. None At Present
Snap/Grommet Kit Used for putting on and taking off snaps, eyelets, and other metal fixtures on fabric. Contained in labeled custom-fit box. Nate B. None At Present
Cricut Paper Cutter Like a miniature vinyl cutter, but for paper. Allows cutting of arbitrary shapes when used with special software on Craft Room laptop; otherwise, requires special cartridges with pre-loaded designs. Manual in craft room. Unknown None At Present
Silhouette Paper Cutter Like the Cricut, provides a craft appliance for cutting paper shapes. Unknown None At Present
Logan Mat Cutter Device for easily cutting picture-framing matts Jeff B.
Bone Folder here.] Chris Bohinsky
Bone folder.jpeg
Cutting & Punching Board here.] Chris Bohinsky
Cutting and punching board.jpeg
Drill Burnishing Wheel here.] Chris Bohinsky
Drill burnishing wheel.jpeg
Edge Beveler Size 3 here.] Chris Bohinsky
Edge beveler.jpeg
Granite Slab here.] Chris Bohinsky
Granite slab.jpeg
Hand Burnishing Wheel here.] Chris Bohinsky
Hand burnishing wheel.jpeg
Hardware Setting Kit here.] Chris Bohinsky
Hardware setting kit.jpeg
Overstitch Wheel here.] Chris Bohinsky
Overstitch wheel.jpeg
Rotary Cutter here.] Chris Bohinsky
Rotary cutter.jpeg
Rotary Punch here.] Chris Bohinsky
Rotary punch.jpeg
Safety Beveler (Skiver) here.] Chris Bohinsky
Safety beveler.jpeg
Sewing Awl here.] Chris Bohinsky
Sewing awl.jpeg
Stitching Groover here.] Chris Bohinsky
Stitching groover.jpeg
Super Skiver here.] Chris Bohinsky
Super skiver.jpeg


Art and Craft Supplies

Item Detailed Description Owner/Sponser (If Known)
Mosaic Supplies Large collection of mosaic supplies in own cabinet. Owner: Ashley Prescott
Acrylic Paint Tube and bottled acrylic paint in a wide variety of qualities ("Craft", "Basic", "Artist") and colors. Sponser: Kevin Flory
Oil paint Tube oil paints. Very wide array. Sponser: Kevin Flory
Gold Leaf And silver leaf, size, and varnish. Sponser: Kevin Flory
Paint thinner, varnishes Various liquids used in painting:
  • Paint Thinner
  • Spray And Liquid Varnishes
  • Stand Oil
  • Cobalt Drier
  • Acrylic Matte Medium
Sponser: Kevin Flory
  • Vintage Newspapers
  • Patterned Paper
  • Artists' Paper
    • Sketching Paper
    • Watercolor Paper
    • Charcoal Paper
  • Construction Paper
  • Tissue Paper
Sponser: Kevin Flory
Canvases, Canvas Board Sponser: Kevin Flory

Sewing Supplies

Item Detailed Description
Polyester Stuffing 4 bags, loose, at 2 lb. apiece [that's a LOT of stuffing]
Sheet Stuffing Various scraps, none larger than 16 x 18 triangle.
Fabric Even more fabric than there is stuffing, and that's saying a lot. Everything from patch-sized remnants through swaths of complete bolts (longest measure thus far comes in around 13'). Currently undergoing analysis by Maxwell Gonyea-Alexander as time permits.
Ribbon Various widths, qualities, and colors of ribbon. Mostly paper gift-wrapping ribbon, but there is a small amount of fabric ribbon as well. 2 shoeboxes.
Trim, lace trim A few lonely pieces of trim and one oversize pink zipper.
Velcro, nylon straps Lots of variously-sized nylon strap rolls. Some velcro, including adhesive-back velcro.
Velcro, nylon straps Lots of variously-sized nylon strap rolls. Some velcro, including adhesive-back velcro.
Yarn Lots of yarn. Lots and lots of yarn. Also, knitting and crochet needles.

Molding Supplies

Item Detailed Description
Plaster-based casting compound PermaStone™-brand casting compound. "Just mix with water!"
Plaster of Paris

General Supplies

Item Detailed Description
Office Supplies
  • Tape
    • Scotch Tape
    • Masking Tape
    • Packing Tape
  • Rubber Bands
  • Post-It Notes
  • Pens
  • Markers
  • Clipboards
Butcher Paper/Roll Craft Paper Rolls of white paper.
Storage Supplies Small plastic "food" containers, freezer and sandwich bags, bottles, squeeze bottles, et cetera ad infinitum.

Miscellaneous Consumables

Item Detailed Description Pic
Sheet Glass Sheet glass in sheets 9 7/8 x 14", 7 7/8 x 9 7/8" and smaller. None At Present
Mirror Sheet mirror, app. 10 x 10". None At Present
Fake Birds Pretty fake birdies. Wide variety, some of which is shown in photo.
CraftRoomInventory CraftBirdies.jpg