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Information and safety procedures for our tools and equipment organized by location.

Table of Zones

Zone Map Area Zone Coordinator(s) Zone Email(s) Tag color
Bicycle Shop G Jeff Bricker Orange
CNC Shop H Thad Johnson SlateGray
Classroom Matt Arnold none
Commons Area E Alec Beardsley Turquoise
Compute Zone C Robert Burns DarkRed
Craft Room B Jan HenryKevin Flory, Gold
Electronics Lab B Nate Bezanson Yellow
Fab Lab B Amelia Meyer Red
Infrastructure Evan Allen Aquamarine
Injection Molding Shop D Thad Johnson DarkGreen
Jewelry Zone TBD Tanya TkaczLew Dennison Orchid
Kiln Zone D Jody RaifordVanessa Lipson Red
Laser Cutter G Mike Fink Yellow
Leather Loft E Karianne Gottschalk Chartreuse
Machine Shop I Tony Slover Blue
Media Lab E Robert Burns Chartreuse
Mobile Equipment Storage Area Alec Beardsley Turquoise
Sky Zone SkyBlue
Tool Crib H Evan Allen DeepPink
Vinyl Shop G Charlie Rysenga Orange
Welding Area D Jody Raiford Purple
Wiki W PowderBlue
Wood Shop J Greg SmithDave Scholl, Green

Map of Zones



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Auto-generated Tables (still in testing)

Access-Controlled Equipment

People with Access to Things

PageUser NameUser TypeAuthorized By
3D Printer - Rostock MAX v3Paul FrickUserPaul Frick
3D Printer - Rostock MAX v3Genesis VasquezUserAmelia Meyer
3D Printer - Rostock MAX v3Kirsten HellmerUserPaul Frick
3D Printer - Rostock MAX v3Kyle YuUserPaul Frick
3D Printer - Rostock MAX v3Nolan FosterUserPaul Frick
3D Printer - Rostock MAX v3Jeff BrickerUserPaul Frick
3D Printer - Rostock MAX v3Carlos SolaUserPaul Frick
3D Printer - Rostock MAX v3Scott ScheragaUserPaul Frick
3D Printer - Rostock MAX v3Amelia MeyerUserPaul Frick
3D Printer - Rostock MAX v3Alec BeardsleyUserPaul Frick
Acer 1440G LatheJulien CohenUserJody Raiford
Acer 1440G LatheMatt LewisUserMatt Gardeski
Acer 1440G LatheDavid HenryUserTerry Wynn
Acer 1440G LatheAmelia MeyerUserTerry Wynn
Acer 1440G LatheTom Kim **UserBrandon Biller
Acer 1440G LatheMatthew FromUserJody Raiford
Acer 1440G LatheJim KempUserBrandon Biller
Acer 1440G LatheTom NardoneUserDavid Henry
Acer 1440G LatheAndy LenhartUserJohn Podlaseck
Acer 1440G LatheMatt GardeskiUserTerry Wynn
Acer 1440G LatheBrad TarrattUserJody Raiford
Acer 1440G LatheScott ScheragaUserMatt Gardeski
Acer 1440G LatheAnthony RomanoUserJohn Podlaseck
Acer 1440G LatheMatt CarpenterUserBrandon Biller
Acer 1440G LatheKeegan K **UserTerry Wynn
Acer 1440G LatheAugie EngelhartUserJohn Podlaseck
Acer 1440G LatheDarrick RobinsonUserJohn Podlaseck
Acer 1440G LatheJames FreedUserMatt Gardeski
Acer 1440G LatheRobert SandfieldUserMatt Gardeski
Acer 1440G LatheEvan AllenUserBrandon Biller
Acer 1440G LatheDrew JacksonUserJohn Podlaseck
Acer 1440G LatheRick BovensiepUserMatt Lewis
Acer 1440G LatheJon WilliamsUserJohn Podlaseck
Acer 1440G LatheMatt Patrick **UserBrandon Biller
Acer 1440G LatheGary GrzebienikUserJohn Podlaseck
Acer 1440G LatheTony SloverUserBrandon Biller
Acer 1440G LatheJohn PodlaseckUserBrandon Biller
Acer 1440G LatheGlen Moore **UserBrandon Biller
AllRounder 150Thad JohnsonUserSelf
Arburg C4bJim KempUserThad Johnson
Bridgeport MillArthur BledsoeUserTerry Wynn
Bridgeport MillTerry WynnUserBrandon Biller
Bridgeport MillGlenn MooreUserTerry Wynn
Bridgeport MillRobert WhiteUserTerry Wynn
Bridgeport MillTom KimUserBrandon Biller
Bridgeport MillJames FreedUserBrandon Biller
Bridgeport MillMatthew FromUserJody Raiford
Bridgeport MillColin MartinUserBrandon Biller
Bridgeport MillMatt PatrickUserBrandon Biller
Bridgeport MillScott LanannaUserTerry Wynn
... further results
PageUser NameDate CertifiedUser Type
3D Printer - Rostock MAX v3Amelia Meyer13 August 2017Trainer
3D Printer - Rostock MAX v3Paul Frick13 August 2017Trainer
3D Printer - Rostock MAX v3Matt Huber8 March 2018Trainer
Acer 1440G LatheDavid Henry17 January 2018Trainer
Acer 1440G LatheJohn Podlaseck17 January 2018Trainer
Acer 1440G LatheJody Raiford17 January 2018Trainer
Acer 1440G LatheMatt Lewis17 January 2018Trainer
Arburg C4bThad Johnson29 August 2018Trainer
Baby Lock Imagine SergerDavid HenryJanuary 2017Trainer
Baby Lock Imagine SergerJan HenryJanuary 2017Trainer
Bridgeport MillBrandon Biller1 January 2012Trainer
Bridgeport MillJim Kemp21 March 2016Trainer
CNC RouterSteve Nowicki16 October 2018Trainer
Ceramics Kiln - Evenheat 4320Terry Wynn6 November 2012Trainer
Ceramics Kiln - Evenheat 5320Terry Wynn6 November 2012Trainer
Embroidery Machine - Husqvarna Designer SELiz CanoTrainer
Embroidery Machine - Husqvarna Designer SEKevin Flory1 July 2016Trainer
Ethernet Switch 3Matt Gardeski4 October 2016Trainer
Ethernet Switch 3Matt Huber4 October 2016Trainer
Ethernet Switch 3Mark Furland24 August 2018Trainer
Fabric cutting table/matJan Henry1 April 2017Trainer
Fabric cutting table/matDavid Henry1 April 2017Trainer
Glass Kiln ("Trogdor")Jody Raiford4 February 2018Trainer
Glass Kiln ("Trogdor")Terry Wynn7 August 2016Trainer
Glass Kiln ("Trogdor")Leora Druckman1 January 2016Trainer
Haas VF-3 CNC MillThad Johnson19 November 2015Trainer
Haas VF-3 CNC MillTerry Wynn24 July 2014Trainer
Haas VF-3 CNC MillJim Kemp1 January 2010Trainer
Haas VF-3 CNC MillBrian Wennberg1 January 2010Trainer
HardacMark FurlandTrainer
HardacMatt Gardeski10 January 2015Trainer
HardacAmelia Meyer10 January 2015Trainer
Impact Driver - Ryobi P230Charlie Rysenga6 November 2014Trainer
Impact Wrench - Ryobi P260Nate Bezanson6 November 2014Trainer
Jet Drum SanderGreg Smith5 March 2016Trainer
Jet Drum SanderAugie Engelhart15 August 2017Trainer
Jet Drum SanderSteve Nowicki5 March 2016Trainer
Juki DDL-5550N-7 sewing machineDavid Henry1 June 2017Trainer
Juki DDL-5550N-7 sewing machineLew Dennison1 June 2017Trainer
Laser Cutter - BumblebeeKirsten Hellmer15 December 2017Trainer
Laser Cutter - BumblebeeAmelia Meyer20 August 2013Trainer
Laser Cutter - BumblebeeMatt Arnold20 August 2013Trainer
Laser Cutter - BumblebeeLewis Dennison11 September 2018Trainer
Laser Cutter - BumblebeeRoger Slykhouse20 August 2013Trainer
Laser Cutter - BumblebeeMatt Huber3 December 2013Trainer
Laser Cutter - BumblebeeTerry Wynn20 November 2013Trainer
Laser Cutter - BumblebeeMike Fink20 February 2015Trainer
Laser Cutter - BumblebeeAlec Beardsley11 March 2016Trainer
Laser Power MeterMike Fink25 November 2016Trainer
Laser Rotary Chuck AttachmentMike Fink2 October 2015Trainer
... further results

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