Fanuc Robot LRMATE200ic

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Fanuc Robot LRMATE200ic
Name Fanuc Robot LRMATE200ic

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model Fanuc Robot
Part Number LR Mate 200iC
Date Acquired 11-2022
Storage Location Large Project Storage
Authorization Required Yes
Status Up

Power Requirements 120V AC
Documentation Robot Permanent IP Address:
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Robot Name: FANUC Robot LR Mate 200IC

- Order No. YR18569

- Specification: A05B-1139-B204

- Date Last Tested: 2007/09/12

- Mecha Unit Serial Number: R07913228

- Control Unit Serial Number: E07806013

Teach Pendant:

- Specification: A05B-2301-C191

- Number: P00044

- Date2006-07


Only authorized members are allowed to operate the robot at this time.


Manuals in fileshare.

Maintenance Info

Ensure the Teach Pendant cable is neatly coiled after use.

Put the 3D printed pointers in the crate under the table.


Q1: Where did the robot come from?

A1: The robot was donated to I3 by GM in January, 2023


  1. See if FANUC has released updated software.
  2. Get manuals and programming guides out of fileshare.
  3. Scan ownership/licensing documents and convert to PDFs for the wiki.

Authorized Users and Trainers

Trainer Name Certified Date
James O'Dell June 13, 2024
User Name Authorized By Date of Most Recent Training

Fanuc Robot LRMATE200ic Zone: Not Assigned "/>