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For the new member:

Before orientation:

  1. Come to the space as a guest, several times if possible. Open Shop Friday is a good time, or post on -public (below) and arrange a visit.
  2. Sign yourself up for i3detroit-public.
  3. Make a note of the email address used in the above step. (Many of us have several addresses, but this is the one you'll be using to communicate with i3 as a whole.)
  4. If that doesn't appear to be working, try Google's "recover password" option.
  5. Add our calendar to your personal calendar.
  6. Review the new member welcome/signup form, found on the Forms page. (Don't bother printing it, just read it over.)
  7. Read through the Standing Rules, and at least skim the Bylaws. Every member must follow these.

New member orientations are done on the first and third Tuesday of the month, before the regular meeting, 6:30pm. If scheduling conflicts do not permit this, please contact the membership coordinator to set up another time.

On the day of orientation:

  1. Please arrive early! 6:00 or 6:15 if you can, so you can participate in the meeting.
  2. Bring a laptop if you have one. (If not, a public terminal may be available to use.)
  3. Make sure you have a google account we can use to add you to our google groups.
  4. Have a picture of yourself that can go out with your first introductory post to the group. If you don't have one, a picture of you will be taken. It's important for the new members to see the new faces joining the group. In addition, you will be asked to inform the membership of what sort of super power you would wish to have (or perhaps already do).
  5. We can accept electronic dues through PayPal or Amazon, which requires you to have an account with the respective service. If you do not, we can make special arrangements with the treasurer for you to pay in cash or check.
  6. Introduce yourself to lots of people! As a new member, meeting the existing members is important. In the beginning of the meeting we call on new faces to introduce themselves and say a little bit about how they found i3 and what they like to make.
  7. You will be given "The Close Down Tour" which teaches you how to shut down the space at the end of the day, should you be one of the two last people working.
  8. To help you begin to navigate the world of i3, you will be assigned a mentor who you will meet with at least twice to make sure you are getting the emails and to answer any questions you may have.
  9. The membership process begins before the meeting, data is usually processed during, and the final steps occur after the meeting is over. Should the meeting exceed a reasonable amount of time, simply make eye contact with the coordinator so you may quietly finish up.
  10. Once you have a key (the very last step) you are officially considered a member.

For the existing member orienting the newbie(s):

  1. Hand a copy of the welcome/quiz sheet (first 2 pages of the new member sign-up sheet) to each newbie.
  2. Pull HOWTO Close up the space off the wall and walk through it together.
    • Try to get their hands to do all the actions, flip all the switches, throw all the levers.
    • (It might seem silly but our track record proves that experiential learning WORKS.)
    • Point out zone-warden posters at various places while walking around.
  3. At the last step of the walkthrough, go over waivers and how to sign guests into the space.
  4. Hand a copy of the signup page to each newbie and provide them with a pen from the compute zone if they need one.
  5. Once the signup page is filled out, begin going down the check list, initialing what steps they've completed. Save the key for last, as it is the final step.
  6. Send google group invites to their email, enter in there information to the CRM, and make them a wiki user.
  7. See if the email on the signup page is already signed up for -public.
  8. Add them to the other two groups: i3detroit and -announce
  9. New members must make an introductory post to the group. It should include there name, what they like to make/do, what they hope to make/do at i3, and what there super power would be. Seriously. That last one is a mandatory.
  10. Find an older member to become there mentor. Mentors must have an understanding of how to communicate on the google group, how to use the CRM and wiki, and it is preferred if they have some background and skills in the same area as the new member or what the new member hopes to be (electronics, wood work, machinery, ceramics, etc.)
  11. Record the mentor info in the CRM
  12. Create their wiki account, using the desired username from the form.
  13. Collect first payment preferably through amazon, however if they do not wish to use amazon, inform the treasurer that they will be paying cash or check, and show new member how to fill out the slip by the kitchen door.
  14. Make sure the mentor and member have emailed each other with their first followup appointment.
  15. Program a key for them and use the key programmed. If you do not have this knowledge, find Nate B, Maxwell, or an officer who can make a key.
  16. Record the key data in the CRM
  17. Put their completed member form in the folder for them in the filing cabinet under the tv or place it in the "Treasurer" drawer of the filing cabinet.
  18. Make sure they take the welcome/quiz sheet with them, it's meant as a reference.

How To Use The Mentor Pool/Program

The Signup Team are the people using the Mentor Pool. Only signup a Mentor with a Mentee if:

  • The Mentor has Active Status here in the wiki.
  • The Mentor matches zone interest with the Mentee or has a General rating.
  • Only do a match if a Mentor is present the night of the signup.
  • A Mentor is committing to handling 1 Mentee per quarter, don't sign them up with 2 in one night.
  • Currently we don't have enough Mentors to last the whole quarter, don't use them all up at once.

This will mean that until we increase the Mentor pool, some nights you will not match all your signups. You will need to manage this.

Also, please post in Slack #Guest-Policy as you match mentors, so that I can keep the ACTIVE status current and manage the pool.

Let me know in Slack if these instructions need modification. - Terry W


Current Mentor/Mentee List

Mentor Mentee Start Date
Terry Wynn Vanessa Lipson 12/1/2015
Greg Smith Augie Engelheart 1/23/16
Steve Nowicki Frank Arthmire 2/2/16
David Henry Amy Hang 2/2/16
Roger Slykhouse Phillip Lee 2/2/16

Active Mentor Pool

Mentor Zone Interests Status
Terry Wynn Kiln, CNC, Laser, General Active
Roger Slykhouse Laser, General Booked Q1.
Jan Henry Craft Active
Andrew Meyer Fablab, General Active
Leora Druckman Kiln Zone, Jewelry Active
Greg Smith WoodShop, Laser, General Booked Q1.
David Henry Woodshop, General Booked Q1.
Madeleine Barkey General Active
David Scholl Woodshop Active
Jamie Burdeski Laser, Craft, Wiki Active
Charlie Rysenga Letterpress, Electronics, Laser Active
Steve Nowicki General Booked Q1.

Mentor Instruction

  • Mentoring lasts for 90 days
  • The goal of mentoring is to ease the transition of being a new member at i3 and prevent frustration and early exit.
  • The primary activity of a mentor is answering questions or telling the newbie where to find the answer.
  • The Mentor should meet with the Mentee twice in the 90 day period. First, at or soon after signup. Second at the 21-35 day mark.
  • The Mentor should immediately make contact by email with the Mentee and ping the Mentee once per week for the first 4 weeks and once per 2 weeks until 90 days are up.
  • The purpose of the email contact is simply ask for questions/problems.

That's it.

During the second appointment:

  • Make sure new member can log into CRM, Google Groups, Wiki. Ask them to bring their laptop.
  • Discuss a potential improvement and encourage the new member to begin implementing it.
  • Make A Wiki member page!