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Subscription Members

Supporting the space by subscription is the easiest way to pay and easiest for i3 to process, which as an all-volunteer organization is an important consideration. You can pay monthly or yearly.

Automatic Subscription

  • to pay automatically every month or year:
    • Go to https://www.i3detroit.org/crm
    • Log In
    • Click on "Plan" (Click your name in the top right corner if you don't see "Plan")
    • Scroll down to the "Membership" (below "New Payment Authorization") and click "Edit".
    • Click on either "Add Checking Account" or "Add Credit Card"
    • Fill in your payment details.
    • Hit "Save"
    • Click on the button next to your newly added payment type.
    • Choose the appropriate Monthly or Annual plan.
      • (If you were awarded a scholarship plan, it should be in the list.)
    • Pick a day of the month that you want to be charged on.
    • Click "Save"
    • You should now see all your choices confirmed!
    • Sit back and relax! Next time your due date rolls around, your chosen payment method will be charged.

To Pay-As-You-Go

Online pay-as-you-go

  • No.
    • There is no good way to use a manual monthly online payment system.
    • There have been way too many problems in the past with people accidentally forgetting to support the space (but still using the facilities), and it's not anyone's job to remind people to support the space.
    • If you really can't afford to set up recurring monthly payments, either pay cash/check or ask for a scholarship.
      • If you absolutely must, you can PayPal (with Friends&Family) to Treasurer@i3detroit.org with the comment line stating what it's for, but this is a pain and should only be used for extraordinary situations.

To pay by cash/check

  • This works ok for yearly dues, but the CRM supports yearly automatic payments, which is better.
  • Monthly cash and checks create extra work. Please use sparingly, if at all.
    • Place the funds in an envelope (found next to the black box near the front door).
    • Write your name and the amount paid on the line marked "Dues".
    • Put envelope in the black drop box marked "Treasurer".
      • It's a good idea to email Treasurer to let them know that you paid, so there is an online record of when you did.

HowTo Cancel your Auto-Pay

If you pay monthly using the old PayPal system

  • Log in to your account at PayPal.com
  • Click on the Settings Gear (by "Log Out")
  • Go to the "Payments" tab
  • Find i3 Detroit in the Active list
  • Click the Cancel button
  • Click to confirm
  • To be extra awesome, let the Treasurer know.

If you pay monthly using the old Amazon system

  • You can use the Amazon or the FoxyCart interface to cancel

From Amazon.com

  • Log in to your Amazon account
  • Click "Orders"
  • Click "Amazon Pay"
  • Click "Merchant Agreements"
  • Find the i3 Detroit line. Click "Details"
  • Click "Cancel" and follow the prompts
  • To be extra awesome, let the Treasurer know.

From FoxyCart

  • Find the email you got when you set up your AutoPay
  • Click the link after "Cancel this subscription:
  • Click on the "AmazonPay" button and get logged in to Amazon
  • Click the "Cancel" button and follow any prompts
  • To be extra awesome, let the Treasurer know.

If you pay using the new CRM

  • Log in to the CRM at i3detroit.org/crm
  • Click on "Plan" below your name.
  • Scroll down to the Membership section.
  • Click the Cancel button.
  • Be extra awesome and send a quick email to Treasurer@i3detroit.org and Membership@i3detroit.org letting them know you canceled your payment.

When are Dues Billed?

  • old CRM
    • Dues are billed on the 1st of each month based upon which plan you are one at that date. If you join on the 15th of April, your first bill will be on May 1. If you return from Hiatus on the 15th, you will be billed for the next month on the 1st.


    • Dues are billed on the day you choose each month, based upon which plan you are one at that date.


  • For Donations on a one-time basis, PayPal directly to treasurer@i3detroit.org . If you wish a written receipt for tax purposes, please indicate this in an email directly to treasurer@i3detroit.org with your name and DONATION on the Subject line.

Send all questions to treasurer@i3detroit.org


  • Q: I joined on March 16th and paid $59. When will I next get billed?
    • A: May 1. We don't do fractional months. New members get billed on 1st of next month. So you paid the April 1 bill which was for April.
  • Q: When do statements get sent out?
    • A: NEVER. They don't get sent out. You can review your account anytime online in the CRM. All new members should have CRM passwords. Contact membership@i3detroit.org if you do not.

  • Q: How do I go on Hiatus?
    • A: Hiatus is for people who are going to be out of town, or not coming to the site for months at a time, like summer vacation for 3 months, or going back to school out of town for 9 months, or whatever. You get on HIATUS by emailing membership@i3detroit.org or treasurer@i3detroit.org BEFORE you leave. Your storage must be cleared and you must return your key. Your dues are not charged for the months you register to be on Hiatus. To become ACTIVE again, contact the same people. You MUST send an email, we do not monitor key swipes at the door.
    • See also: HOWTO Leave


And remember there are SLACK channels for NEW MEMBERS and also a ASK THE TREASURER channel.