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This page will be a single jump point to find all pages that contain current policy.


Policy - the set of instructions, protocols, rules that we use to do things, as a member or organization, at i3 Detroit. 
  • "Instructions" means how a member will successfully operate at i3, and sets the expectations by the General Membership of the member. "How to Park" is a policy, "How to Run the Laser" is not.
  • The references pages will contain current(Active) policies only, not historical/obsolete.
  • Pages which contain current policy on a topic will (mostly) contain a list of the related pages which include policy on that topic. This list will include the current page, so each list should be identical on every related page for that topic.


Set/Overrule Policy - The is the person/body who can create or change the listed policy at i3 Detroit. And the different person/group that can overrule the change by the Setting Body.  A body cannot overrule themselves by this definition.


Administers - The person/body who handles the day to day of this policy, including keeping the process of this policy running smoothly.


Wiki Loop - Each policy page (with some exceptions) has a "Related Pages" list at the top, which gives all the current pages devoted/related to this policy.  The Standing Rules page does not have one of these as it is connected to many policies.

The table below lists all the policies at i3 Detroit. In addition, you will also find the names of pages containing Policy listed in the Category: "Policy". Each page in all the Wiki Loops for each Policy will have a "Category: Policy" tag at the bottom of the page, with the exception of the HOWTO for the Office which administers said policy.

The table will give a link to a current page in that "Wiki Loop" so that you can find ALL current pages concerning a particular policy. Those cells of the table with TBD are not yet been researched/recorded, please feel free to do so, and add a Wiki Loop list for that Policy on those pages.

Policy Sets Overrule Administers Wiki Loop
CCTV General Membership none Infrastruture ZC Security_Cameras
Membership/Plans General Membership none VP Onboarding
Storage General Membership none none HOWTO_Get_A_Storage_Plot
Standing Rules General Membership none none
Zone Board none Board
Discipline/Suspension/Banning Board none Board
Dues Treasurer
Floor Plan Board none none
Budget Board Treasurer
PR President
Classes VP - Classes & Events Board VP - Classes & Events Class Policy
Harassment Member Advocate
Officers/Office Duties Board None
Bylaws Board/General Membership None
Computer Access None
Guest/Visitor VP Onboarding
Cleaning None
Building TBD TBD Infrastructure ZC
Insurance TBD TBD Treasurer
Parking, Auto TBD TBD None Parking
Purchasing Board Treasurer