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Standing rules




Storage for Member meaterials and unfinished projects is provided by 3 means.


Plots are sections of shelf in a rack specially designated as a Member Storage structure. Members can have no more than one Plot. Stored items must fit totally within that plot, with no significant extension into an aisleway for safety.

A List of Plot ownership is on Storage Plot List

Remember maximum of one Storage Plot per member.

Structure #1

Structure #1 is the freestanding rack in the Wood Shop.

Structure #1 has 2 sides, A and B. It has 7 Levels, numbered from Ground to Top, 1-7. It has 4 Plots per Level on each side, numbered Left to Right, 1-4.

Structure #2

Structure #2 is also in the Wood Shop and is located on the West Wall of the building. Numbering is standard.

Structure #3

Structure #3 is in the Pallet Racks between the Vinyl Zone and the Laser Zone.

Structure #4

Structure #4 is in the set of small lockers to the NorthEast of the Laser Zone.

Zone Storage

Some zones have member storage for materials applicable to that zone. Zone wardens set up rules for use.

Large Project Area

We have a special designated spot for Large Projects stored at i3 that have valid Parking Permits, the Large Project Area. This area is indicated by yellow lines on the floor and is the area directly to the West of the Welding Zone and the MESA area. It extends for about 6 feet to the West of those areas.

Rules governing storing projects at i3 using Parking Permits are in the Standing Rules. large project storage