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This page is intended to keep track of items deemed useful to the space but are kept in a state of storage most of the time.

Storage Locations

Front Door Area

Item Date verified

East Mezzanine (Event Storage)

Green Shelving Unit

Item Responsible Party Date verified
Jockey Box (Blue Cooler) Maker Faire Party Committee 2018-08-13
Black Tablecloths (In Blue Tub) Maker Faire Committee 2018-08-13
Halloween Box 1 (clear plastic tub) Halloween Party Committee 2018-08-13
Halloween Box 2 (grey plastic box) Halloween Party Committee 2018-08-13
Tea Lights, String Lights, in Cardboard Box All Party Committees 2018-08-13
Buckets with Tap Equipment Unknown, probably Maker Faire Party Committee 2018-08-13
Hanging Party Light with Arm All Party Committees 2018-08-13
10'x4' banner (verified marked box only) I3 General 2018-08-13
Jack Skellington (large flat cardboard box)(verified box only) Halloween Party Committee 2018-08-13
Tiki Torches (5) None 2018-08-13}
Pipe Stanchions, Detachable Bases (4) Maker Faire Art Gallery 2018-08-13
Water jug with LED strips (spare MoneySucker?) 2018-08-13
Various liquors and mixers (party supplies, not for public use) Maker Faire/Halloween Committee 2018-08-13
Wooden stanchions (3.5" x 3.5" x 3', not counting base)(20) Maker Faire Committee 2018-08-13
Metal table, 97.5" L x 31" W x 37" H (3)(assembled and used for storage) 2018-08-13
Small Tent (5' x 1' x 1' stowed) Maker Faire Committee 2018-08-13
Display Case (2' x 3' x 5.5") Maker Faire Committee 2018-08-13
Movable Wall Segment (3' x 7.5' x 3")(6) Maker Faire Art Gallery 2018-08-13
Table, Folding Legs, Crappy Fitted Cutting Mat (4' x 8' app.) Unknown 2018-08-13
Learn-to-Solder Portable Kit E-Lab 2018-08-13
Heavy Sandwich Board None 2018-08-13
ChronoTune I3 General 2018-08-13
Flatscreen TV (4' x 2' app.)(2) I3 General 2018-08-13

Power Racing supplies (yet to be indexed) 11/15/16

* Two cars, enough miscellaneous supplies and batteries to cover one of the storage tables.
* Requires expert attention.  I have no idea what this stuff is...

West Mezzanine (Zone Storage)

Item Date verified
No zone: Giant speakers (2) 2018-07-10
Large speakers (x3) 11/12/16
Craft Room: Mosaic supplies 2017-11-18
Infrastructure: Misc. unused ducting 2018-07-10
Laser Zone: Dead laser tube (Bumblebee, Apr. 2016 ~70 watts) 2018-07-10
Laser Zone: Dead laser tube (Wolverine summer/fall 2016) 2018-07-10
MESA: larger vacuum table for vacu-former 12/13/16
Media Lab: 5 pieces of electronic audio equipment in Monoflo bin 2017-01-14
Media Lab: Homaco rack from audio equipment 2018-07-10
Commons Area: Sharp Aquos LC-40c37u Television 2018-07-10
No zone: Artificial Xmas tree 2018-07-10
No zone: KA3000 power supply box 2018-07-10
No zone: 12" Paper cutter box 2018-07-10
No zone: 9 Monitors 2018-07-10
No zone: Dell computer 2017-11-18
Jewelry Zone: Kiln box 2017-11-18
No zone: VHS digitizer 2017-11-18
No zone: 3D printed 3D printer 2018-07-10
No zone: Swing-arm lights 2018-07-10
Wood shop: Spare dust collector filter 2018-07-10
Wood shop: Spare dust collector parts, the big metal boxy thing with round holes 2018-07-10
No zone: Server rack labeled "Cisco Lab Project" 2017-11-18
No zone: Go kart 2018-07-10
Elab overflow 2018-07-10
Commons: portable projector screen 2018-07-10