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Zone Information
Commons Area.jpg
Zone Name Commons Area
Zone Slogan All your space are belong to us.
Zone Coordinator(s) Alec Beardsley
Zone Slack #commons-area
Zone E-mail
Map Area E
Zone Color Turquoise
Paypal Button Pay money to this Zone


The Commons area is the main hangout space at i3. It contains tables & chairs for working on a laptop, and includes the treehouse/whiteboard room.

Things done in the Commons area

  • Member meetings
  • Classes
  • Game Night
  • Project work
  • Occasionally coloring My Little Ponies

The commons area is specifically designated [1] to include:

  • Loading Bay
  • Foyer
  • Graveyard
  • Large Project Storage
  • Mobile Equipment Storage Area
  • Traditional "Commons" area bounded north-south by Cinder block wall of the classroom to H-Structure and east-west by Treehouse/Media Lab to Kiln Zone and Welding Zone
  • Fridges and vending machine(Snack Zone)
  • Storage shelves and walkways near water heater

Table of Equipment

Equipment Authorization Owner(s) Status
Commons Ceiling Fans No Running
Commons Light Switches No Running
Large bathroom fan No Running
Large bathroom light No Running
N2D2 LN2 Dewar No Running
Paint Box No Running
Philips HeartStart OnSite AED No Running
Sandblaster No Running
Utility Trailer No Running
Phone Bridge No Departed
Tent No Departed
Theater Lights No Departed

Expectations About Food And Dishes

The Board collectively acts acted as the Zone Coordinator for this zone. Part of the equipment used to be a set of dishes. But they were frequently left unwashed, which potentially attracted pests, and unfairly imposed a washing burden on others. The Board voted on the following decision as Zone Coordinator to remove that equipment:

"i3Detroit will not own non-disposable dishes for individual use, including plates, bowls, cups, and eating utensils. This measure neither requires nor prohibits the group from continuing to provide and replenish a stock of disposable equivalents. The group will continue to own non-disposable containers and utensils which are designed to dispense food or drinks to an entire gathering. Non-disposable dishes for individual use will be treated like any other abandoned property."

As a result of that decision, if you find unattended dishes, please ticket them and put them in the Lost And Found. Members may store their own dishes in their storage area. Many members use a tub in their storage cube. That's recommended for keeping the dust off.

However, i3Detroit will continue to own "servingware", such as ladles, tongs, platters, crocks, tureens, pitchers, decanters, carafes, or spigoted beverage dispensers.


Task Name Description Priority Champion
Paint the Snack Shop Vending Machine It is currently primed from a long ago attempt at painting 1


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