Infocus Projector

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Infocus Projector
Name Infocus Projector
Zone Commons Area

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model Infocus X3 DLP
Part Number
Date Acquired 2020-01
Storage Location Hanging from commons area ceiling
Authorization Required No
Status Running
Value 300

Power Requirements 100V @ 2A
Other References Projector Central


This projector was donated to the space by IEEE(?) and is currently hung from the ceiling aimed at the projector screen on the H-structure



  1. Use the switch near non-reservable workspace to lower the screen - be sure to set it back to the middle position when the screen is fully lowered
  2. Connect media device to the cable hanging near the screen switch
  3. Turn on the projector (remote should be stuck near the whiteboard somewhere)

Maintenance Info

Clear dust out of the vents, check the status of the wire it hangs from, adjust aim each potlock



  • Make a permanent home for the remote control
  • Route VGA/Composite cables from the projector down behind the screen to the audio hookup location
  • Add an HDMI adapter and chromecast

Infocus Projector Zone: Commons Area "/>