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* Actually install printer in space.   +
* Mechanical mounts for beaglebone to front panel * 1-2" vent ducting to main vent * Edit firmware to make prints take less time * Laser calibration to try fixing edge non-linearity * Replace hood * DC power switch   +
* replace broken/damaged frame pieces (New parts are on the shelf next to the printerbot) * put all the parts back together and make sure it still works ==Fantasy WishList== * install Repetier Firmware * add a display and rotary encoder for standalone operation * build a Power Tower to hold PSU and spool   +
* Light bar: ** Needs to be connected to relay, then powered from the 24VDC machine power supply. ** Relay needs to be connected to Raspberry Pi I/O for the OctoPrint Environment plugin to control * Credentials for OctoPrint and Pi need to be put onto machine physically,. and/or shared with [[User:Agmlego|Amelia Meyer]] * MMU2S filament spools need a better holder. Maybe something like a retracting winder?   +
*Automated display of per-print cost. *Cooling fan design/build.   +
*Troubleshoot calibration issue, G29 command causes hang and code crash   +
*Bring in rack mount computer to run the machine. *Find a source for consumables. *Determine what the materials costs are. *Write up maintenance procedures. *Write up procedures for use.   +
None.  +
*Put a sign on the trailer that indicates usage rules. *Mount the spare tire to the tongue.   +
Why does plugging a serial to usb thing into the serial port cause it to turn off. That is sub optimal.  +
Center Tailstock  +
Need to have controller built  +
Controller needs fixing/replacement. Foof/Brian need a couple round tuits.  +
Replace machine.  +
Jan to develop training program Make training kit Make machine dust cover Signage for cover Develop user fee structure  +
I need to take more photos and post them along with a link or two to some sort of airbrush how-to. I've never used one myself, so until I've accessed that content and played around with the airbrush, this page will remain a stub.  +
Add a spring loaded hold down to the left (anvil) side  +
When we get a working camera again, a picture would be nice...  +
replace or repair light (droops) wire in the power feed, light, and DRO so the wires are not in the way run air line to the machine for coolant mister repair coolant mister (droops) buy and add pneumatic drawbar buy and add drill-powered knee  +