3D Printer - Hacker H2

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3D Printer - Hacker H2
Name Hacker H2
Zone Fab Lab
Owner i3Detroit
Make Model SeeMeCNC
Part Number Hacker H2
Date Acquired 2017-07-29
Storage Location On North bench
Authorization Required Yes
Status Running
Value $550
Other References




The recommended software for this printer is Matter Control: http://www.mattercontrol.com/

There is a default setting for the printer contained in it.

Maintenance Info


Training on any of the printers at i3 counts for all of them


  • Fix extruder thermal decoupling error
  • Install Orion heated bed
  • Spool holder?

Authorized Users and Trainers

Trainer Name Certified Date
Andrew Meyer 2017-08-13
Matt Gardeski 2017-08-13
Leonard Kinnaird-Heether 2017-08-13
Brad Tarratt 2017-08-13
Vivian Sanders 2017-08-13
Paul Frick 2017-08-13
User Name Authorized By Date of Most Recent Training
Brandon Biller Andrew Meyer 2014/12/27
Stephen Marlow Andrew Meyer 2014/12/27
Andrew Meyer Andrew Meyer 2014/12/27
Matt Gardeski Andrew Meyer 2014/12/27
Matt Huber Andrew Meyer 2014/12/27
Leonard Kinnaird-Heether Andrew Meyer 2014/12/27
Jon Anderson Andrew Meyer 2014/12/28
Brad Tarratt Andrew Meyer 2015/01/01
Nicole Weltman Andrew Meyer 2015/01/20
Alek Mabry Andrew Meyer 2015/01/20
Matthew Mabry Andrew Meyer 2015/01/20
Ken Siegner Andrew Meyer 2015/01/24
David Henry Andrew Meyer 2015/04/16
Scott Scheraga Andrew Meyer 2015/04/16
Jeff Bannow Andrew Meyer 2015/04/16
Eva Bannow Andrew Meyer 2015/04/16
Greg Smith Andrew Meyer 2015/04/16
Bill Putt Brad Tarratt 2015/05/08
Nick Andersen Brad Tarratt 2015/05/28
Vivian Sanders Brad Tarratt 2015/05/30
Christian Handley Matthew Gardeski 2016/01/22
Alec Beardsley Matthew Gardeski 2016/02/06
Tester McTestalot Andrew Meyer 03/30/2016
Anthony Klein Andrew Meyer 01/09/2017
Genesis Vasquez Andrew Meyer 9/2/2017