4x8 Utility Trailer

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4x8 Utility Trailer
Name 4x8 Utility Trailer
Zone Commons Area

Owner David Henry
Make Model
Part Number
Date Acquired
Storage Location Against the wall by the big roll-up door.
Authorization Required No
Status Running

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Please update the #utility_trailer slack channel to indicate usage and return.


  • Be careful taking it down from the wall. It is heavy and awkward.
  • The trailer uses a 2" hitch ball. Confirm that your trailer hitch will fit.
  • It has a tilt bed, pull the pin for easy loading.
  • Keep the lock with the trailer to keep it from running off. Keep the key in the lock when storing the trailer.
  • Loaded trailer weight should be limited to 2000 lbs.
  • Make sure that it's securely chained to the wall when you're done.

Maintenance Info

Maintenance would probably be a good idea at some point. Wheel bearings could use inspection.



  • Put a sign on the trailer that indicates usage rules.
  • Mount the spare tire to the tongue.

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