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3D Printer - Printrbot
Name Printrbot
Zone Fab Lab

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model Printrbot
Part Number Printrbot
Date Acquired
Storage Location On the top shelf of the FabLab
Authorization Required No
Status Departed
Value $300

Documentation What little documentation exists is available at http://printrbot.com/instructions/.
Other References * Printrbot Main Site: http://printrbot.com


Printrbot is a small inexpensive 3D printer that was designed to be simple. It's billed as "My first 3D printer" and is designed to be a low-cost entrypoint into 3D printing.


  • Please get training before use.
  • Please donate $0.10 per cubic centimeter or per gram of ABS whether or not the print succeeded. This covers both replacement cost of media, and maintenance costs.


Repetier is the software used to control the Printrbot. Slic3r is the slicing software that Repetier uses to generate the gcode. Both are available a the Documentation link above.

Here's some decent slic3r configs for the printrbot:

IMPORTANT NOTE: The thermistor on the heated build platform does not properly report the actual temperature of the platform. for ABS plastic, the platform should be about 110°C(230°F), but the thermistor is reading about 70°C when the platform is at temp. Make sure you set the software to use 70° as the platform temperature so it doesn't overheat the board. (I usually grab the infrared temperature guage from the tool rack and check the temp from a second source as well. -Matt)

Maintenance Info

Info pending...


Q: Why do we have this thing? A: It was won in a contest by a couple of i3 members, and they felt it would be better served in the space than at someone's home.

Q: Does it work? A: Yes. Nope. As of February 2015 it's in a state of disrepair.

Q: How well? A: Somewhat Decently at the moment. It's not a super high quality printer, but it's good for quick(ish) objects that aren't too large that don't have to look their best. That depends. It's a pretty good doorstop, and does a good job at keeping the dust off the shelf, but in terms of actual 3d printing it's rubbish.

Q: If I accidentally drop the Printrbot on floor, will it break? A: Unlikely, the concrete floor is quite durable. You may damage a tile, however.

Q: I don't like any of the filament colors, how can we get something better? A: Personally, I like to write a long, rambling letter that includes obscure references and has a slightly passive-aggressive tone to it; Posting the letter to -Announce usually gets me a response. If you're a follower of Wheaton's Law then you should instead check with the Zone Coordinator. They'll take note of your request, and work with you to see what colors might be desired for the next order of filament. Or stop being a cheapskate and buy it yourself.


  • replace broken/damaged frame pieces (New parts are on the shelf next to the printerbot)
  • put all the parts back together and make sure it still works

Fantasy WishList

  • install Repetier Firmware
  • add a display and rotary encoder for standalone operation
  • build a Power Tower to hold PSU and spool

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