Badger Universal Model 360 Airbrush

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Badger Universal Model 360 Airbrush
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Name Badger Universal Model 360 Airbrush
Zone Craft Room

Owner Unknown Owner
Make Model Model 360.
Part Number Unknown.
Date Acquired
Storage Location Craft room, shelf in NW corner.
Authorization Required No
Status Running

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Airbrushes can by used for many purposes such as pin striping,graphics, Helments, Fabrics such as Tee shirts. Our airbrush is a basic one and it is best to stick with water based acrylics


Keep it clean and return to storage box

  • Use in a ventilated place
  • Use only paints made expressly for air brushes
  • Clean with airbrush cleaner made for the paint you are using
  • wear eye protection


There are many useful techniques on the internet.

  • Our air brush has a medium needle and seat as of 6/30/16 Medium: The most popular choice; will spray airbrush ready paints, such as Badger's Air-Opaque, Air-Tex, Modelflex, Freakflex, Nail Flair, Spectra-Tex, and other properly reduced acrylics.
  • When reducing mediums to sprayable viscosity, the recommended consistency is comparable to 2% milk.
  • KEEP THE AIR ON (button pressed down)
  • use your index finer
  • move with your whole body not just the wrist

Maintenance Info

care and handling the airbrush.

  • Clean it while it’s wet and you won’t have to clean it when it’s dry
  • When you change colors it’s usually time to clean your airbrush. This prevents colors from mixing together and getting muddy. It will also wash away the build up that can give you fits later on.
  • for final cleaning use cleaners with distilled water. Cleaners can be purchased or home made, there are many formulas, however do not use cleaners that contain ammonia


A list of commonly asked questions


I need to take more photos and post them along with a link or two to some sort of airbrush how-to. I've never used one myself, so until I've accessed that content and played around with the airbrush, this page will remain a stub.

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