ArtSign JSM-40U Laser Cutter

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ArtSign JSM-40U Laser Cutter
ArtSign Laser.jpg
Name ArtSign JSM-40U Laser Cutter
Zone Fab Lab
Owner Steve F00f Nowicki, Brian Wennberg .
Make Model ArtSign JSM-40U Laser Cutter, although this is just the label on the device. The controller boards and some of the mechanics are being gutted and replaced.
Part Number Labeled as JSM-40U.
Date Acquired
Storage Location
Authorization Required No
Status Departed
Documentation None.
Other References Meh. We're just winging this, really


This is a small laser cutter/engraver given to us from AHA (All Hands Active).


  • Anyone with proper training can use this
  • Currently that is nobody, since it doesn't work.


  1. Hassle Foof and Brian until they get this working.
  2. See step 1

Maintenance Info

Inverse demodulating overleave needs shaving every 25k light years.


A list of commonly asked questions


Controller needs fixing/replacement. Foof/Brian need a couple round tuits.