Aerial Beam Clamp

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Aerial Beam Clamp
Aerial Beam Clamp.jpg
Name Aerial Beam Clamp
Zone Commons Area

Owner Jamie Burdeski
Make Model Aerial Essentials Bream Clamp
Part Number
Date Acquired
Storage Location On a random ceiling beam on B-side
Authorization Required No
Status Running

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This is a beam clamp specifically designed as a rigging point for aerial apparati. Unlike some of the *other* things in the equipment that people like to climb on, this is actually rated for human weight as well as doing drops. It can be moved around to any of the L-shaped rafters in the space without causing any damage to them. It is currently rigged with 2 carabiners & a swivel. Just add silks or whatever you feel like hanging in!

  • Working load of clamp is 2 tons.
  • Working load of carabiners is 2.5 tons.
  • Working load of swivel is 4 tons.
  • Height above the floor is ~13.5 feet.
  • Current location is on B-side.

Beam clamp in use with aerial hammock!

Aerial Beam Clamp In Use.jpg


  • Bring your own silks/apparatus, safety mat, and spotter if needed.
  • Don't swing more than 15 degrees off vertical.
  • If you take off the swivel, please make sure it ends up back on the clamp when you're done.
  • i3 is not liable for anything dumb you do in the air.


  • Use the genie to get up to the beam to rig your things up or move the beam clamp around.
  • If you reposition the clamp, make sure that there are no water lines or conduit right where the clamp will go. Water lines can be pretty easily scooted.

Maintenance Info

Let Jamie know if there are any distortions in beam clamp, carabiners, or swivel as that means they are unsafe and should be replaced.



Aerial Beam Clamp Jamie Burdeski, Zone: Commons Area "/>