Snack Shop Vending Machine

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Snack Shop Vending Machine
Name SnackShop Vending Machine
Zone Snack Zone

Owner Brad McMahon
Make Model SnackShop 7600
Part Number
Date Acquired
Storage Location
Authorization Required No
Status Running

Documentation File:7000 Snackshop Manual.pdf
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This is the machine that sells food items.



The key things you need to know how to do are:

How to Open it

You'll need the key. It's a special key, there's currently only one, and it was abused so it's a little twisted. You need to insert the key and carefully turn clockwise. After about 90 deg of turn, you'll feel it hang up. You need to jiggle it until it turns another 90 deg and the handle pops out. At this point, turn the key back, take it out, and put it in your pocket so you don't accidentally leave it inside the machine. Turn the handle counter-clockwise to unlatch the door.

How to set prices

Press the Set Price button in the upper set of buttons on the controller board. Then use the 11 and 12 buttons to increase/decrease the price. Once you've got the price you want showing in the display, press the bin number whose price you want to change. You can set several bins to that price by entering them one after another.

How to Open the Drawers

To open the drawers for restocking, look on the right side and you'll see a little lever that can be flipped up or down. Press down lightly and at the same time lift and pull on the drawer to open it. This might take a little effort, but once you get the feel of it you can do it pretty easily. Do not force it, however! You may need to fiddle with how you press the lever down to get it to unlatch the drawer.

When you're done

You don't need to do anything special to put the machine into "Run" mode. Just close and latch the door. There is an interlock button that's actuated by the door. It switches from whatever mode it was in when open into vending mode.

Closing the Door

The door tends to hang up on the coin chute when you close it, so first, make sure that the coin chute is in place. The chute is mounted using screws and slots. There's currently no locking screw so it sometimes shifts into the position where you can pull it out. Close the door carefully and if you hear or feel it hang up on the chute, jiggle it a little until it closes easily. The door usually does not seat all the way, so you may need to work it into place. Once closed, check that the key is in your pocket, and then simply turn the handle clockwise and press it in place.

Contact Roger S if you have questions.

Maintenance Info


Where's the key? Ask on slack in #vending. Where does the money go? Into the Pop Fund What if something I want isn't in there? Ask in #vending, @truefreak and @whysman


  • Paint the vending machine (It is currently primed from a long ago attempt at painting)

Snack Shop Vending Machine Brad McMahon Zone: Snack Zone "/>

General Price List

Prices in the machine as of Oct 10, 2019

Item Price
Candy Bars 75¢
Bags of Basic Chips 30¢
Bags of Sunchips 50¢
Goldfish 25¢
Orbit Gum 40¢
Extra Gum (doesn't fit well, don't buy again) 60¢
Applesauce 40¢
Panda Cookies 25¢
Milanos 40¢
Famous Amos 40¢
USB Cables $1