Dixie Narco Soda Machine

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Dixie Narco Soda Machine
Soda machine.jpg
Name Dixie Narco Soda Machine
Zone Snack Zone

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model Dixie-Narco
Part Number DN2145 / ECC2100
Date Acquired 2017-03
Date Departed 2022
Storage Location Next to the white fridge
Authorization Required No
Status Departed
Value $300
IP Address,
MAC Address 5C:CF:7F:BD:5E:15, 2C:3A:E8:26:57:B4
Hostname commons-snapple-vending-light, snapple-vending-compressor
Documentation Mars 6010XV coin changer (modified to fit our internal connector)


Other References Sonoff Basic for the light, Sonoff POW for the compressor



This is a glass front drop-style drinks vending machine


Pay into the cup in the white fridge until the new controller is up and running


Open the glass door and carefully remove the one you want from the front of the column, then close door and pay into the white fridge. No new fridge cards

MQTT Topic: cmnd/i3/inside/commons/snapple-vending-light/POWER

Maintenance Info

It is suggested the air filter be changed once or twice a year. The filter is 10" x 20" x 1".

After programming (the compressor), this command need to be run to setup switch mode stuff, which cannot be put in the eeprom.

Either in the web ui, go to configuration -> module, set gpio3 to DS18x20, or

mosquitto_pub -t "cmnd/i3/inside/commons/snapple-vending-compress/GPIO3" -m "4"


Pictures of the inside as modified:

The pinout of the color to pins of the TRRS cable
The pinout of the internal serial port to the ribbon cable
pinout of ribbon cable to TRRS jack board
pinout of onewire sensor with pullup


  • clean coin mech, and re-calibrate
  • fix cooling system (fixed?)

Dixie Narco Soda Machine i3Detroit, Zone: Snack Zone https://wiki.pumpingstationone.org/images/Authorization_not_required.svg "/> https://www.i3detroit.org/wiki/Dixie_Narco_Soda_Machine

Replacement Controller

Since the machine's controller is braindead, Amelia Meyer has started work on a replacement, DIY, open-source, organic, chemical-free, holistic controller.



There are six rows, with nine columns each. All rows use the same pinout, on a 10-position Molex 2695KK connector.

Pin Color Purpose
1 Black Return
2 White Column 9
3 Grey Column 8
4 Violet Column 7
5 Blue Column 6
6 Green Column 5
7 Yellow Column 4
8 Orange Column 3
9 Red Column 2
10 Brown Column 1


This is a simple 6 x 3 membrane matrix, on a 10-position Molex 2695KK connector. Pin 7 is unconnected.

8 9 10
1 CLR * F
2 0 9 E
3 8 7 D
4 6 5 C
5 4 3 B
6 2 1 A


Display is run by an OKI (MS)C1937-01 14/16-segment 16-digit LED driver, driving (8) 14-segment digits with decimal points. This unit uses a 3M C-GRID 2x13 connector.

Pin Purpose
1 5VDC
2 5VDC
17 Power-On Reset
20 GND
26 Button

Vend-Confirm Sensor

This appears to be an off-the-shelf industrial-style retroreflective beam-break sensor. It uses a 12-position Molex 2695KK connector. Pins 2-4, 6-8, and 10-12 are unpopulated.

Pin Color Purpose
1 Blue GND
5 Brown 5VDC
9 Black Beam Broken

Old Temperature Sensor

Labeled CR0023212-0.2-163400024, this is supposedly a SPI-connected temperature probe. However, no response could be elicited from it, and it will be replaced with an AM2302. It uses a 6-position Molex 2695KK connector, with pin 6 unpopulated.

Pin Color Purpose
2 White DATA
3 Green SCLK
4 Black GND
5 Red 5VDC

New Temperature Sensor

New temperature/humidity sensor is a AM2302, serial number 15120F902. It uses a 3-position JST-XHP connector.

Pin Color Purpose
1 Black GND
2 Red 5VDC
3 Yellow DATA

Door-Open Sensor

This is a simple plunger-style switch, on a 3-position Molex 2695KK connector. Pin 1 is unpopulated. The switch is open when the door is.

Pin Color Purpose
2 Black Switch A
3 White Switch B