Tandem kayak

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Tandem kayak
Name Tandem kayak
Zone Commons Area

Owner Jody Raiford
Make Model
Part Number
Date Acquired 06/01/2018
Storage Location Above A-side loading bay
Authorization Required No
Status Running
Value 650

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Two person kayak, available for use by any i3 member who follows the rules.

This is a standard tandem kayak. (not a sit-on-top, no rudder). Includes two paddles and a portage cart. Provide your own PPE (floatation jackets, sunscreen, etc.)

Use at your own risk.


Reserve by posting in #fleet on slack. Make sure you post when it's back, too.


Includes paddles & small trolly. You must provide your own life jackets or other safety equipment.

Get the kayak down by moving the mobile stairs (or the Genie) under the pulley box (image). Using a hand drill, tighten the chuck until it grabs onto the bolt, and then run the drill in "remove" mode. (Turn left for down, right for up). Unstrap the kayak and have fun!

Maintenance Info

Dump any water out before hanging back up. If there's any mud or mess, rinse it off.



Add a couple pulleys so the gearbox is reachable from the floor.

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