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Real Name Jody Raiford
E-mail Address
Phone Number +1 978-563-9284
Facebook jodybrai
Steam jodybrai

Welding Area Coordinator
Board Member: 2017-2018

Authorized to use:

Miller "Millermatic" 212
Miller Dynasty 200

Certified Trainer on:

Plasma Cutter - Handheld
Miller "Millermatic" 212
Miller Dynasty 200

Me and I3

Mostly, I coordinate the welding zone and help with events.

I've been nominated for the board for 4 of the 7 years I've been a member, though I've only accepted the nomination a couple times and never been elected.

I teach classes on anything that I know well enough to do so.

I feel a duty to serve. Several people tell me i'd do well on the board, even though I honestly am not sure exactly what the board does, beyond the platitudes of "making decisions" and "running the space". That's kinda bullshit, since we all make decisions, and the space is "run" by whoever is around most. Since I haven't been around a lot, I haven't had much impact on the space. I'd like to fix that.

I can teach you

  • How to Weld metal
  • How to Juggle 3 balls (Yes you can learn, and it's easier than you think)
  • How to be an I3 Detroit member (mentorship)
  • How to change your tire
  • How to project your voice REALLY LOUDLY
  • How to teach a class
  • Other things!

Feel free to add stuff to this page!

Ask questions, and I'm pretty sure to answer them.

Event Host

I have earned the Event Host MeritBadge