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Name Sandblaster
Zone Commons Area

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model MAC BLAST
Part Number
Date Acquired
Storage Location This machine is located on the East wall near between the garage door and the Welding area.
Authorization Required No
Status Running
Value $100

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  • Always wear Safety glasses. There should be a respirator located to the right.


  • Place item in cabinet.
  • Pull the air hose real from above welding or the kitchen wall over the entryway and attach to the air tank.
  • Insure the compressor is on and all air valves are open.
  • Adjust air pressure on regulator on the left leg under cabinet. (30-60psi is generally more than enough for light work)
  • Turn on the work light (this will also turn on the shop vac)
  • The foot switch controls the media flow.
  • Expect to need to clear abrasive clogs repeatedly during operation.

Maintenance Info

Gun has replaceable components inside, rubber washer and orifice.


  • If the siphon hose is not sucking, check if the orifice is worn (9-9-15 the gun was reassembled, orifice was 60% worn and should be replaced soon)
  • If no abrasive is coming out. Press the sprayer opening against your gloved hand, and activate the sprayer. This will create back pressure to clear any clogs.
  • If there is still no abrasive after clearing the line of clogs, check the amount of sand in the hopper.


  • Reseal everything!
  • Run air line drop from above.

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