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Name Sandblaster
Zone Commons Area

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model MAC BLAST
Part Number
Date Acquired 2015-03
Storage Location B side west wall just north of autozone.
Authorization Required No
Status Running
Value $100

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  • Always wear Safety glasses. There should be a respirator located to the right.


  • Place item in cabinet.
  • Pull the air hose real from above welding or the kitchen wall over the entryway and attach to the air tank.
  • Insure the compressor is on and all air valves are open.
  • Adjust air pressure on regulator on the left leg under cabinet. (30-60psi is generally more than enough for light work)
  • Turn on the work light (this will also turn on the shop vac)
  • The foot switch controls the media flow.
  • Expect to need to clear abrasive clogs repeatedly during operation.

Maintenance Info

Gun has replaceable components inside, rubber washer and orifice.


  • If the siphon hose is not sucking, check if the orifice is worn (9-9-15 the gun was reassembled, orifice was 60% worn and should be replaced soon)
  • If no abrasive is coming out. Press the sprayer opening against your gloved hand, and activate the sprayer. This will create back pressure to clear any clogs.
  • If there is still no abrasive after clearing the line of clogs, check the amount of sand in the hopper.


  • Reseal everything!
  • Run air line drop from above.

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