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i3 Detroit's members have lots of ways to communicate with each other and with the public. This page attempts to catalog them.

The Blog

The front page of runs on Wordpress, and features articles written by members. ANY MEMBER can post! Suggested topics include:

  • Upcoming events
  • Event recaps
  • Project kickoffs / work-days
  • Project write-ups
  • Project featured elsewhere so check it out
  • Opinion/editorial

To get a Wordpress account created, post on the members' mailing list and ask for it. Wordpress lets you pick your own public-facing name which will appear at the top of all the posts you write, so specify this in the request, otherwise the person creating the account will make one up for you.

There are some posting guidelines over at HOWTO make a blog post.

The Mailing Lists

Have their own page over at Mailing_list.

Slack (chat)

Slack is a modern chat system with Native mobile apps, Desktop apps and a web app. It saves all history by default and allows you to share files and create text snippets. There are Channels that correspond to large groups many people might be interested in for a conversation or project coordination, and there are also Direct Messages and private group chat.

This is meant to fill a perceived gap in our communication channels. While all members need to be on the mailing list for important updates and the most basic coordination, we don't necessarily want long conversational threads or multiple threads for big topics. The IRC channel is great but a lot of members have mentioned they had a hard time using it in a way that would be as convenient. In fact it is just like IRC if you had your own network (tabula rasa on channels) and were really great at setting it up, creating bots, hosting shared files, and implementing APIs to work with other services. Oh and if you could use emjoii, have inline images, edit previous posts, pin text snippets and star things to make a list of favorite or attention needing items. So Slack is for casual, project, and space wide conversation or project planning..

In regards to etiquette, slack is designed for small-ish businesses so it expects that you would be respectful. Channel invites are auto-join and public topics are adjustable by anyone. If we find people behaving inappropriately they can be removed as this is not essential for membership.

Email one of the admin's to be invited.

Update! You can now self-invite by logging into your CRM account and hitting the "services" tab.

Once you have registered you will be emailed a link but here it is as well, and of course download links can be found here as well:

How or Why?

Are you coordinating an event or big/public project? You might want to make a channel and invite the stakeholders.
Want to see what a SIG (special interest group) is up to? check out their channel
Have a small project that you are working on with one or two other people? Make a private group
want to stay up to date on general i3 business or be chatty? check out #general or #offtopic and talk about slack or get help on #meta

After you have registered

Be sure to fill out your slack profile. Remembering 150 peoples names is hard, remembering all of their usernames too is near impossible. To be extra helpful you can also upload a picture of your face.
Help/Reference: Overview Wiki Blog
mobile apps iOS Android

Google Calendar

Find a way to add i3detroit's public Google Calendar to your personal calendaring system. It's important!

Also try the XML feed thereof, the ical feed thereof, or the basic HTML version.

Every member is allowed to post stuff here, but setting up the credentials is manual so it's done on demand. For write access (as with most of i3's online stuff), ask on the members-only Mailing list.

If you only need to post infrequently, and would rather not bother getting access, you can email Nate B or (other volunteers here) with the following info:

  • Date, time, and duration.
  • What part of the space (zone, commons, classroom, off-site)
  • Any blurb you'd like to include or link to (email thread, eventbrite, etc)
  • And if it's a recurring event, how often and when it recurs. Though in this case you should probably do it yourself so you can manage cancellations, etc.

Or just create an event on your own calendar and add as a guest. Make sure to click the Add button! You may change the details later on your own calendar, and the updates will automatically be pushed out to ours. If it asks whether you would like to send an invite, you may say no.



Occasionally, humans monitor and respond to the @i3detroit account too. Don't count on it.

= The Twitterbot =

Since we don't have any paid staff, and thus don't have regular "open" hours, we needed a way to tell the world when it was OK to visit. That mechanism is the Twitterbot. Physically, it's a switch right by the door, which any member can throw when they enter the space, if they feel like inviting guests. (It's expected that they'll turn it off again when this is no longer the case.)

When the switch is thrown, two things happen:

  • The top-right box on the website indicates "The space is OPEN FOR GUESTS" instead of "Closed, come back later".
  • A tweet goes out on @i3detroit saying something to the above effect, possibly including a photo taken at the moment the switch was thrown.

Operation detailed at Twitterbot.>


Facebook Page is here:

The Telephone

Goodness! An old-fashioned telephone?

Yes! Well, not exactly, there's VOIP 'twixt the two ends. But still, it's accessible on the PSTN, so it counts. It's at +1-248-556-9995 and rings inside the space. IF YOU HEAR A PHONE RINGING IN THE SPACE, PLEASE ANSWER IT. It's probably someone who saw the twitterbot change state, and wants to call-ahead before coming for a visit. Sometimes it's a news reporter or something. Do what you see fit, but if you feel the call needs followup, jot down the details and post to the members' list, above.


Like most open-source projects, we're on Freenode. Channel is #i3detroit. The easiest way to join is by clicking the "Web chat" link on the front page of, which will open a browser-based chat client and plunge you right in. Say hi, then be patient because not all of us are at our keyboards all the time! "Drive-by greeting" is considered poor IRC etiquette, so stick around a few minutes! If you can install and run a real client, or use a shell session for persistence, that's better.


Eventbrite is just for things with a limited number of seats where people need to reserve seats ahead of time. Also it can charge admission but that's horrible and we try to avoid using it that way. More info at HOWTO_Host_an_event_at_i3detroit.

The Wiki

Yeah, the one you're reading right now. Account creation is manual, but not actually restricted to members-only, because we've had a few outsiders interested in contributing. See HOWTO_Get_a_Wiki_Account. As with all wikis, Be Bold!

Contact@i3detroit Email

This goes to a handful of members, and is generally only used by external contacts when -public does not seem appropriate. Since you've got this far, you know that you can search this wiki for more specific contact information so consider this address a last resort.

Membership Database (CRM)

This is at and runs Seltzer. Use it to look up members' phone numbers and emergency contact info, see who mentors whom, etc. Also it might be useful for making Dues Payments

If you've never logged into it before and thus don't *have* a password yet, or if you've *forgotten* your password, just use the "reset password" link on the login page, and supply the email you used when signing up for membership. It should email you a new password and then you can log in.

TV Bulletin Board

The rotating announcement slideshow, running on a TV in the commons, has its own page.