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Zone Name Wiki
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The i3 wiki contains information for members, directors, and officers. It is the unofficial purview of the Wiki Warden, and the beneficiary of the Wiki Wine Workshops.


Edit the Wiki To-Do Here



  • EAP: Reformat dates
  • EAP: sorttable/sorting order on transcluded queries - probably the user table generation
  • EAP: make user tables and trainer tables have prettylinks
  • EAP: add comment on authorized users table that ZCs should email wiki@ if they can't edit
    • Alternatively, make it unrestricted until someone goes dumb and tries to add themselves without actually getting authorized first
  • EAP: Figure out how to add second trainer to lasers
    • Tried to make the trainer field parallel to the owners field, but it isn't working. It could be because the trainers field is in a multiple-instance field. Also, when formatting for display, the owners field uses an arraymap, but since the trainers property is a subobject, everything is weird. I don't remember how to call an arraymap within a subobject declaration, or even if it can be done. Everything is confusing and future jamie should take pity on this jamie and not be mad at her :-(
  • Meeting minutes: Use template subclusion to auto-populate with old business, previous action items, current space projects, even zones and sigs maybe
    • See if wikibot can help with this
  • Make ToDos editable with forms
  • Define a print-only CSS attribute (or something) that makes equipment pages with "auth required=yes" visually distinct when printed
  • Learn cargo and see if it's worth rewriting all the SMW stuff in a more database-like format
  • Talk pages would be more useful if they indicated LOUDLY that they exist, or that they have new content on them, cuz on our wiki they're so rare most of us forget to look for 'em
  • Add slack channel to all zone pages that are missing them

Adding content

Fixing broken things

  • Amelia Meyer cannot add authorised users to her zone's equipment (like the 3D_Printer_-_Rostock_MAX), but can add trainers
    • The text-entry boxes are greyed-out for the authorised users, and white for the trainers
    • Looks like a permissions issue
      • Wiki accounts allowed to add users to these lists should have access to both in general
  • make SMW error icon mouse over-able like it's supposed to
    • Jamie has advice from the SMW mailing list somewhere in her inbox.


  • Go through In_the_Media for broken links, find content (on, point to archive copy or pull a local copy (into a subpage?). Intern?