HOWTO Bring A Proposal to the Board

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The Board of Directors is happy to discuss any issue or concern that is appropriate for its consideration.

fun fact, in most cases you don't need to actually bring proposals to the board!

  • If you have a thing that only affects one zone, talk to the zone coordinator
  • If you have a reimbursement question, talk to the Treasurer team
  • If you just have questions that you think only the board can answer, try #ask-the-board in slack (preferred, because that way other people get to see the questions and answers) or email board@
    • sometimes asking at the end of a board meeting can work too, but it's not a great place
  • If you're just giving a status report for something the board asked you to do, that is not a Official Proposal so you can just put it on the board minutes

If you do have something that the board must vote on (and aren't a board member)

Similar to HOWTO Propose rule/policy/procedure changes, but there are some changes:

  • only a current board member can put an actual vote on the board agenda
  • Board mostly doesn't have to vote on stuff that needs wide membership input, so it doesn't need to go on the member list
    • it still can! You just have to use judgement.
      • If it is something that needs wide input, are you sure that it's a board meeting thing and not a member meeting thing?