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Wood (Platform) CNC

Requirements - $50 class fee - Have your own bits & Stock - Have a Gcode project ready (Mach 3 compatible)

There is a shareware / trial version of Mach 3 available for PCs that people can use to get familiar with the software prior to using the CNC

Take off covers - fold in on self so that they don't get dirty on inside

use overhead power plug to plug in vacuumm

Plug PC cart in to wall (not same circuit as vacuum - and if Thad is using injector molder it nees to be plugged in at workbenches behind whiteboard

Check under CNC to make sure gantry won't hit anything as it moves

Make sure fans in front are free from obstruction

Create yourself a folder on the desktop for any files you keep

USB ports on back of computer for thumbdrives to transfer projects - always transfer projects to PC

TUrn on CNC and press reset on Mach 3

Press "Ref All Home" to home the CNC machine to 0,0

Arrow keys (up down) move Y, (left right) move X, pg up / down move Z - Hit Tab to bring up gradular jog controls for micro-movements

Once you are homed DO NOT go into any negative direction!

Load your G-code by clicking "Load G-Code", pick your g-code project

The "ToolPath" shows the gcode and how it will cut

Scroll wheel to zoom in / out of toolpath

Hold Right click to pan

Securing parts

Put painters tape down on bed

Put partiners tape down on part

Put double sided tape on part, secure to tape on bed

Secure Wood down with double sided tape - wide fiber tape where you cut through larger pieces