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Looking for ways to help around the space? Apply your talents here!

If you're not sure about the details of something here, post to the group and ask.

If you're gearing up for Potlock, see also Potlock_Menu_Planning for the other half of the thing!

Periodic tasks

Task notes last performed How often?
Clean chair/couch upholstery 2013 June
Make the microwave spotless last potlock
Check/update all machine signs just print the first section of each machine's wiki page and stick it to the machine 2014 June mostly every 6 months, or when you know there's a major change
check/update all zone coordinator signs just print the first section of each zone's wiki page and post it in the zone 2015 march every 6 months, or when you know there's a major change
purge graveyard put today's date on all undated items. Items over 90 days old go to dumpster/recycle. 2014 march every 90 days
clean and sweep under graveyard ideally every time the recycling goes out... every month
Genie preventive maintenance see NateB. 2014 august every 6 months
check/stock paper towel stations use the e-room one as an example 2014 december every month (guessing this happens pretty often and isn't documented)
Check light bulbs replace with LED fixtures as needed (go through infrastructure or sky zone) continuously as needed
Rooftop furnace filter Size is 10 x 20 x 1, takes 2 at a time. Buy in bulk? 2015 may supposed to be every 90 Days!
Hardac/network equipment fans and filters  ? as needed
Air compressor cabinet intake prefilter 16 x 20 x 1 2016 January Monthly, or as needed
Laser exhaust blower blades and screen Genie+straps to drop the blower out of the line Fall 2015 Every 6-9 months, or when suction is noticeably lacking
Laser lenses, mirror, tube end see the laser coordinator  ?  ?
Laser debris under the honeycomb see the laser coordinator  ?  ?
Laser (Bumblebee, Wolverine, Full Spectrum) chiller water change ~2.5 gal per machine. See the fill gauge on the back of the machine. Refill ONLY with distilled water. Full change done April 2016 Check levels every potlock.
Review and prune items in mezzanine storage Review and update the list at Long Term Storage  ? Every potlock
Fire extinguisher maintenance Update this text with the date the inspection tags expire. When they do, take 'em in.
  • Laser Zone: CO2 and HALON
  • Woodshop 10#ABC
  • Metal Shop 10#ABC
  • Kiln 10#ABC
  • Welding 10#ABC
  • Jewelry 5#ABC
  • Office Area TBD
(11/2016) <--- after that date
Corkboard pictures keep officers, coordinators, and board members' pictures and titles up to date *shrug* every pot lock
Clean Sandblaster Filter Wear a respirator! 05/29/2016 Every 6 months or when the vacuum pressure drops below .1 on the gauge
task notes date how often?

Nonrecurring tasks

Zones TODO List

The following list is an attempt to offer up suggestions of tasks that could be accomplished in the various zones by people interested in helping out.

Feel free to take charge of one or more of these items as your time and expertise allow. If you have taken charge of a task, please put your name into the field next to the task.

Should you run out of time or ability to complete a task, make sure to post on the mailing list and "fail loudly". This ensures that task status is shared, and no task languishes in silent failure.

Commons Area

Task Name Description Priority Champion
Paint the Snack Shop Vending Machine It is currently primed from a long ago attempt at painting 1

Compute Zone

Task Name Description Champion
Receive and evaluate small LCD monitors from E-Lab Determine what could potentially be used and graveyard the rest. Bruce Webber
Build shelf over printer and scanner Contact Bruce or Evan for design. Bruce Webber
Discuss with Nate B which cables should be in E Lab or Compute Zone Also optical media Bruce Webber
Obtain SATA to USB converter Bruce Webber
Populate ToDo List Add a list of things that are needed/wanting to be done in the Compute Zone. Bruce Webber
Clean Eliminate dust and dirt. Bruce Webber
Take Inventory Inventory and assess the items in the Compute Zone, such as the keyboards below the table and the hardware in boxes above the table. Bruce Webber

Electronics Room

Task Name Description Priority Champion
Populate ToDo List Add a list of things that are needed/wanting to be done in the eRoom. 1 Nate B.
Move fire extinguisher Move it below the light switch. The spot behind the door was fine when there was no door, but now that there's a door, it's awful. 1 ?
New power for archway lights Replace the brick above the ceiling with something rated for that use and not connected by a flexible cord. 2 Nate B.
Fix the Roombas At least one of the Roomba vacuums has a charging problem that we can fix. New FETs are in the "SMT Crap" bin. 1  ?
Partslaser mechanism Build X-Y gimbal, motor controller, laser enable, and camera mount  ?  ?
Partslaser software Spreadsheet/database, label printing, find-a-part interface  ?  ?
Cabinet map Until Partslaser is operational, an easier way to update would be nice. 2  ?
Improve lightbulb load-box Add a temperature-controlled exhaust fan, and corresponding intake grille, to the load-bank box. 3  ?
20A plug on CZ strip Replace the temporary 15A plug on the compute zone power strip  ? Lego
wire spool rack Design a (laser-cuttable?) rack for small wire spools, that hangs on pegboard or under shelf  ?  ?
equipment pages for the keysight gear wiki zone task? find the right template and make stub pages for the MSOX4154A, the E3631A, the 33600A, and 34461A.  ?  ?
tenma meter repair Fix the sticky ammeter needle on the Tenma 72-630 PSU. Gently!  ?  ?
mount bigass HP PSU under shelf Nearest the door, so it's not in knee-space but the meters are accessible 3 ?
surplus equipment ownership determine ownership of LeCroy scope, old HP logic analyzer, magnifying rolling lamp 1 Nate B.
simpson microohmmeter refurb readings aren't consistent, maybe because the internal nicad pack is missing? 4 Evan?
NTSC vectorscope repair PSU problem? 4 ?
mount tek rack stuff on e-cart the new tm506 and sorensen PSU could use better mounting on the rolling cart 2 ?
cull crap on topmost shelves either side of the window, there's a bunch of stuff we never touch, that space could be better used. 3 Nate B.
New test-lead rack for scope probes the existing one was adequate but is a bit rough on probes, a "real" pomona rack would be nice, possibly 1 ?
Clean/repair switch on Ted's PSU Ted brought in this adorable little HP power supply but the gauge is flaky and I think it's just a bad or dirty range selection switch. Needs a good check-out, though. Spikes bad. 2 ?
Clean other HP HV PSU Scored a nice HP PSU at auction that seems to work but the pots and switches are flaky. It's in overflow with a tag on it. Have at! 2 ?
Floor decluttering Cull the storage under the benches. Everything left should be in a proper tote with proper label. 2 Thank you Brandon!

Fab Lab

Task Name Description Priority Champion
Rostock part cooling design/get manufactured a ring of microjets to be supplied by shop air. the jets should hit the plastic, not the nozzle 2
Printrbot The Printrbot has been disassembled partially and does not function: (Taken home by Matt H for rehabilitation/destruction by fire) 4 Matt Huber
Decorative Work The Fab Lab currently has a sort of forest theme going on. It would be nice to continue the theme by painting the conduits and stanchions deep brown to simulate vines and trunks, put up more vinyl leaves, and paint the ceiling with either a sky pattern or a forest canopy pattern. 5 Kevin Flory

CNC Zone

Task Name Description Priority Champion
Move Air Dryer Controller The air dryer was moved from its old location in the Metal Shop but the controller for it was not. It needs to be added so that the air lines to the HAAS will not freeze up from under-utilization if the machine has a lot of time between operations. 1 Brian McPherson

Infrastructure Zone

Task Name Description Priority Champion
Rebalance UPS Outlets Things like hardac and the network got unplugged from the UPS at some point. Fix, maybe glue the things in...
Add plug and socket for TIG welder The TIG welder is wired in to the disconnect directly which makes it inconvenient to move around. Ideally, this will utilize a relay with auxiliary, allowing the TIG and chiller to operate from a single switch. 5
dust collector noise baffle Mount Roxul batts inside diy enclosure, position atop dust collector 5
Building ground Tie all the breaker panels to the building beams for ground. Make sure the bus-bar is as well. 4
Conduit Labeling Designate all conduits with the circuits contained therein, and "downstream" (toward-end-device) "flow" arrows. 2
Kiln Power The Kiln Zone has a bunch of new stuff, all running off of the plugs along the east wall. That should really get a breaker to itself. 2
Sewer lines scope our lines, maybe snake them all the way to the street (rent one at pot lock) 2
shower to mop sink convert our shower to a mop sink, it can still be used as a shower in emergencies but it has a strainer so you can dump mop buckets in to it and a hose to fill with. 2
Compressor Vent Fix compressor vent line so it doesn't keep popping off. 2
Treehouse wiring put lights on a motion sensor and maybe place a switch on the stairs so you don't need the breaker. 2
Roof vents some don't one doesn't work, need fixing. At least one needs fumagating

Vent over computer zone needs wiring diagnosed, Wood shop vent needs new belt and realignment? something. Vent over CNC might need new breaker installed, breaker will not reset, doesn't appear to even try, doesn't supply power if held either, 220v pushmatic (maybe 20amp, probably could run much smaller).

Atomic clock GPS, cesium beam, Rubidium, whatever we can get working. Also use it as a timing standard for the equipment. 2 Andrew M, Ben F
Intercom Permanence Wherever the intercom equipment is gonna be, it shouldn't be running on an extension cord. Add outlets to the box in the mezzanine? Mount intercom (new intercom, from Bender) (and amp?) once work is done for classroom (to the wall?) 2
wood shop hose reel replace with better one, should be nearby 2
Add light switches for SW panel Get rid of the conduit run for breaker 9 (just the outlet by the brooms--plug the night light in to the outlet by the fan switch). Replace with larger conduit run to the opposite side of B. Nektar door, and add *proper* switches for West/Rear shop lights 2 Aaron
Front door replacement There is budget for a replacement front door, it just needs to get found, bought, and installed. 1
power for injection molding chiller replace fuses with 40A ones, the cable running it is awg 8 1
Fab Lab air drop should get replaced with hard line down to the wall in the lab. 1 Andrew M
Power Runs take 2 We need more circuit breakers, exactly where is to be determined, but here's a preliminary list
  • 120 near the front door for electric cars and power hungry tools to be used outside
  • Label dust-collector disconnect on north wall
  • Label all outlets with the panel and breaker that serves them
Floor pour in e-overflow Self-leveling floor compound, or just real concrete, north of the treehouse stairs. Oh jeez. 1 Nate B
Projector permanence budget for and hang a projector to point at our new projector screen. 1
Network Prettification re-wire parts of the network so they follow the main trunk and use half-decent cable, Trace, test, and label all cat-5 drops and panels 1 Andrew M
Thermal Insulation The space leaks lots of some energy in winter, let's find some major leaks and get some solutions in place. Luckily some of our members have FLIRs. 1
Task Name Description Priority Champion
Laser Power We need more circuit breakers, this time for the lasers
  • new 20A 120v coming from the N panel
  • something for the Laser Vent so we can stop with the extension cord already
4 Mike F
Craft Room Power We need a 240 disconnect in the craft room
  • new 10A 240v 3 phase coming from the bussbar (check the sewing machine specs if this seems too much overkill)
  • reattach conduit to building and itself, wire is run
4 potlock
re-mount and power i3 sign do the thing 3 potlock
Fix/replace hose reel by cart storage the hose reel leaks a lot, take it apart and see about rebuilding it. It should just need some grease, o-rings, and snap rings. 2 potlock
Relabel compressor disconnect fed from the busbar, the last box on the wall before it goes flexible, needs to indicate phases and amps 1 potlock
fuses for air compressor and sander replace busbar fuses with 70A ones, the cable running it is awg 6 1 potlock
Construct a better security camera system See the status report section of the project page for current progress 6 Mike
Squid cache Our squid cache does things, but not all of them are favorable. Finish setting that up. Action taken was to disable it, it was broken and no one felt like fixing it. 2
Treehouse outlets Replace treehouse outlets so plugs don't keep falling out. 2
compressor noise baffle Mount Roxul batts inside lego-block, position atop compressor exhaust 3 pot lock
Ground the TIG welder The TIG may be damaging itself and causing harmful interference to other electronics in and around the space. It is also an electrocution risk since the ground clamp is floating. The welder is now grounded via conduit to the bus bar, but is still causing interference. The manual recommends earth grounds for the welder and work surfaces to prevent reradiating high-freq. signals everywhere. See

What remains to be done is add a 90* 3/4" copper fitting to the pipe sticking out of the wall (cut pipe near the wall, insert 90, put bit back on) and clamp the ground to that

Fire extinguisher maintenance Update this text with the date the inspection tags expire. ( 11/2016) When they do, take 'em in.

*Laser Zone: CO2 and HALON, Woodshop 10#ABC, Metal Shop 10#ABC, Kiln 10#ABC, Welding 10#ABC *Jewelry 5#ABC,Office Area TBD

Wire remaining security cameras to the <s>box by the Fab Lab new cam server</s> There are some cameras that have been placed but do not have wire run to them, that needs to be rectified. 2
Cord reels are desired in metal shop and tool crib proposed reels 3
Balance breakers now that the fridges and microwave have a new home, the classroom wall is gone, and we want more lights in the space we should really re-asses how we have the breakers' load balanced. 4
re-hang fan removed due to being in the way of lighting we took a fan down, it should get cleaned and re-hung somewhere it would be useful. 2
Air line for sandblaster/welding zone it doesn't move, plumb it in permanently. Same thing with computers, desktops on wifi suck. 3 Evan, Nate W
Air line for laser zone for new cleaner cutting! 3 Evan, Matt G
Power Drops for the Wood Shop take 2 120v on the member storage for the lathe, 120v near sawstop for the small bandsaw (not needed anymore?). 4
Network reinforcement (literally) The rack ears that currently hold the network are tenuously attached to the wall and have very haphazard holes drilled in them. The ears should be ramset into the wall (after the elimination of the wooden backboard that it's currently affixed to. We may also want new ears because as previously said they are very haphazardly drilled. 2
Patch wall hole by sandblaster 1
New air compressor replacement We have member buy-in of up to ~$4500 at least, we want i3 to be willing to put forth money to bring it up to enough to buy a new 15hp screw compressor 4 Evan
Hot water to the shop sink Just needs to be run, not sure what direction though (over?) 2 Konrad B
Bathroom light Do something less-horrible with the abominable light fixture in the scary bathroom 2
Microwave Circuit Get the microwave some dedicated power so it doesn't blow the breaker when the front-door outlet is being used heavily. 1
Network placement round two Once we get the new server there will be no reason to continue using the existing server rack. The contents (the new server, and the UPS) will move underneath the fablab workbench. Power needs to be punched through the wall to give the network access to the battery backup, and possibly ventilation in the doors of the cabinet (but not vented to the shop). 3
VoIP PA system for the shop, and the office space With a functional phone system it would be nice to have a system where the shop can be paged either from the outside or from an interior phone 1
Add all the planned VoIP phones to their designated zones The Laser Cutter, CNC Shop (possibly more) need phones installed 2
VoIP PA system take 2 re-use pa amp and possibly speakers from the over-engineering light to make louder the PA 2
Server replacement--hardac.i3detroit.local Skynet died and it has been proposed to purchase a brand new server, like with a warranty and everything. The current quotes can be found here: Server upgrades 4 Andrew Meyer, everyone else too
Power Runs take 1
  • extend 240 near the garage door for the plasma cutter to be used outside
  • 240 near the garage door as a hardline for the OpenEVSE
  • extend 120 from welding zone to sandblaster
Power Drops for the Wood Shop take 1 220v for the new sander. 4
Network placement The rack that currently holds our switches takes up floorspace that could be otherwise utilized, there are mounting points for all of that gear a foot from them on the wall, they should move there. 3 Evan Allen, Justin Triplett
Network Standardization Our network is currently an amalgamation of 802.3, 802.3af, and what is known as 'dumb' POE. The plan is to make all dumb POE devices 802.3af compliamt or replace them outright, this will simplify wiring and keep everything standard. 2
Move ToDo tasks in here Lots of tasks on the general ToDo list should be in zone-specific lists for better championing 2 Evan

Jewelry Zone

Task Name Description Priority Champion
Additional Electric Add additional circuits to the Jewelry Zone so Foredom, Kiln, Lights and Mini Drill can be going at once). The kiln requires one entire circuit to itself. Everything else dims or stops working when the kiln is on. 6 Leora
Lighting Very dark. Need one light above work area and one above cabinet. Add two bright high ceiling lights 5 Leora
Set Up Rolling Mill Move jewelry cabinet, set up rolling mill stand and bolt to floor, bolt rolling mill to stand. Find room for buffer. 7 Tanya
Task Description # Champ
Task Description # Champ
Task Description # Champ

Laser Zone

Task Name Description Priority Champion
Reconfigure Bumblebee Desk The scrap material storage area under the desk is awful and ends up a pile of crap way too quickly. The zone items stored on the floor under the desk don't necessarily need to be stored in bins there, since the set of drawers by Wolverine is now pretty functional zone storage. The whole area under the desk could be rebuilt as better material storage for small-to-medium sized sheet goods. 6
Add proper limit switches to Bumblebee Currently, the laser only knows it's position in software, based on initial homing. If this glitches for some reason, which it can be prone to do, the gantry will crash, which is Bad. The functionality for proper "STOP when you reach this point" limit switches exists on the laser controller so this could be done with 4 limit switches and some wiring--some of which will have to run through the flexible wire bundle that moves with the gantry. 1

Machine Shop

Task Name Description Priority Champion
Find replacment bridgeport mill 4
  • Adjust as needed for now
  • Buy more heavy duty shear, brake, and roller
DoAll Vertical Bandsaw
  • Air pump/chip removal – fix pump or use shop air
  • Clean/refinish blade guides
  • Buy 3 rubber tires (prefer better material than natural rubber)
  • Write out/establish maintenance procedures and timing (i.e. oiling)
  • Fix roll pin in speed adjustment shaft
  • Buy and install ball knob handle for feed adjustment
  • Buy DoAll colored red and gray paint
  • Touch up paint on DoAll
  • Source blade stock
  • Buy padlock for lockout during service
  • Troubleshoot gear shift difficulty - verify conditions in which gears can be changed
  • Buy new blade brushes
  • Buy table guide
  • Buy part holders to use with feed chain
  • guides for blade welder (see Evan A., or Matt G.)
  • grinding wheel for blade welder
DAKE Horizontal Bandsaw
  • Clean out blade brushes
  • Clean out chip tray
  • Add fluid if low
  • Replace screws/bolts in switch box that is loose
Tapping Machine
  • Remove damaged screw stuck in collet
  • Replace screws with Allen head screws
  • Make/retrofit adjustable tap collet?
ACER Lathe
  • Purchase from owner to make “i3-owned”, or buy alternate lathe
  • Tailstock alignment
  • Additional gears for other threading operations
Powermatic Sander
  • Replace missing knobs
  • Find table for belt sander portion
Sell 2-axis milling vice under table 2
Get rid of gray mesh cabinet 2
Empty scrap bins 2

Wood Shop

Task Name Description Priority Champion
Populate ToDo List Add a list of things that are needed/wanting to be done in the Wood Shop. 1 Greg s.
N Wall receptacles replace one duplex with 4 in box and 2 duplex, add one 4 in box on end near Sander Done Greg S
Mount work light by Lathe Mount the linked arm light Done Greg S
Fix bins on A-Frame rack Improve divider spacing to 25 inches and reattach front board more securely Done Greg S
Router Table repair Tighten bolts that hod it together Done Greg S
Shop Vacs clean out all shop vacs 1 Greg S
Purchase New 1221 Jet Lathe Waiting for Fathers day sales Done Greg S
Drill press Cabinet 2' Wx1' deepx6' high with door Fix up white cabinet for Drill press supplies or make new 1 Greg
Create Location for Routers Fix up a place for extra routers instead of the bottom of Router table Now located in file cabinet Done
Repair A-frame storage rack Reattach the shelf lip on the North-side shelf. Done Dave S
Re-mount 4 inch vac line holder Move 4 in vac. hose holder lower to clear wood rack by N window Done Greg S
Thien Cyclone Separator Lid and Baffle for Panel Saw Fabricate according to plans at Done Greg S




  • Give Storage Plot List a form and semantify it and link to member boxes.
  • EAP: Reformat dates
  • EAP: sorttable/sorting order on transcluded queries - probably the user table generation
  • EAP: make user tables and trainer tables have prettylinks
  • EAP: add comment on authorized users table that ZCs should email wiki@ if they can't edit
    • Alternatively, make it unrestricted until someone goes dumb and tries to add themselves without actually getting authorized first
  • EAP: Figure out how to add second trainer to lasers
    • Tried to make the trainer field parallel to the owners field, but it isn't working. It could be because the trainers field is in a multiple-instance field. Also, when formatting for display, the owners field uses an arraymap, but since the trainers property is a subobject, everything is weird. I don't remember how to call an arraymap within a subobject declaration, or even if it can be done. Everything is confusing and future jamie should take pity on this jamie and not be mad at her :-(
  • Meeting minutes: Use template subclusion to auto-populate with old business, previous action items, current space projects, even zones and sigs maybe
    • See if wikibot can help with this
  • Make ToDos editable with forms
  • Define a print-only CSS attribute (or something) that makes equipment pages with "auth required=yes" visually distinct when printed
  • Learn cargo and see if it's worth rewriting all the SMW stuff in a more database-like format
  • Find a plugin/addon that does what RecentChangesScraper does, so we can get rid of that festering pile of hack.
  • Talk pages would be more useful if they indicated LOUDLY that they exist, or that they have new content on them, cuz on our wiki they're so rare most of us forget to look for 'em
  • zone infoboxes (and possibly the table of zones) could use a spot for slack channel

Adding content

  • Make a page for the mug press in the vinyl zone
  • make an accurate floorplan / map
    • Make map area a letter/number grid, would require a change to the map
  • Make a wiki page for the bunk couches and add Category:Group Projects tag
  • Update Parking_Tickets_and_Parking_Permits page
    • Much outdated information
  • Make i3 page on real wikipedia
  • Make wiki zone picture accurate
    • iframe embed of main page? or simply a screenshot
  • Add legal advice documentation-upload official forms, write up history of who contacted a lawyer when and why (Jamie and Marie)

Fixing broken things

  • Vinyl zone - vinyl cutter isn't in the auto-generated equipment table
  • Andrew Meyer cannot add authorised users to his zone's equipment (like the 3D_Printer_-_Rostock_MAX), but can add trainers
    • The text-entry boxes are greyed-out for the authorised users, and white for the trainers
    • Looks like a permissions issue
      • Wiki accounts allowed to add users to these lists should have access to both in general
  • make SMW error icon mouse over-able like it's supposed to
    • Jamie has advice from the SMW mailing list somewhere in her inbox.


  • Go through In_the_Media for broken links, find content (on, point to archive copy or pull a local copy (into a subpage?). Intern?


  • Glitter cursor
  • Custom theme??


  • Figure out why we get a 502 after images upload
    • Also get 502 when making regular edits
    • Maybe all these error messages are related?</s> 502 is fixed, and they're not related.
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  • Add member infoboxes to officer & board member pages (after giving them a chance to do it themselves)
  • Make a page for the heat press and m
  • Figure out a better way to add blank meeting minutes
  • Major Equipment with Required Training should get auto generated
  • Equipment Form: the category:zone generation is not always consistent with the zone's named category, that needs to be looked at
  • Make equipment with EquipStatus::Departed be tagged with [:Category:Departed Equipment]]
  • Wiki backend: installed MobileFrontend and Mantle extensions for a more mobile-ey experience
  • EAP: document how to exclude a tool from EAP, or indicate no-auth-required status
    • I think there's already a "training required" field (if not make one). Make the entire equipment access query within an if statement on training required = yes
  • Make better equipment template
  • Unable to remove CEO position from the template because it removes the CEO position from previous years.
  • infoboxes: query respnsibilities in member infobox
  • infoboxes: Fix infobox templates, responsibility & zone template so that multi-person values both get the property.
  • Infoboxes: Make committee infovoxes to catch all general responsibilities
  • EAP: transclude access edit button not working, pulls magic word after transclude
  • EAP: test export for authbox use
  • reformat zones table on main page to have pretty links, also zone colors somehow (div. box, table cell BG, etc). Probably requires an extra template
  • Add member infoboxes to all zone wardens (after giving them a chance to do it themselves)
  • Add real name calls to officers & board templated pages
  • EAP: add autocomplete on real names,
  • Add zone infoboxes to all zones
  • Either redirect I3Detroit:About (which appears in the page footer) to something else, or point that here, but have the info only in one place so we can keep it fresh.
  • EAP: BUG: Summary pages (see Fab Lab Access) do not populate
  • Do something about main page title, see [1] (method 2 done, just needs to be rolled out with the new main page)
  • Complete Zone Infobox (add picture)
  • Make dynamic member list sort by name (not username)
  • Template:Officers and Board (make membership coordinator and CEO optional)
  • Complete Member InfoBox (access formatting, give category members)
  • Make member list dynamic
  • Member InfoBox (Steam username)
  • Zone Infobox (zone e-mail)
  • Fix Officers/Directors Template
  • How to communicate with the board on the main page now
  • Roll communication into main page, especially email table
  • Meeting Minutes query box includes regular meeting days/times maybe pretty up formatting
  • Change theme
  • Move wiki ToDos from main ToDo
  • Make HOWTO Blog page
  • Clean up Sidebar
  • New main page
  • Nuke Finding Information page
  • Nuke Meetings page
  • Nuke Publicity page
  • Nuke Communication page
  • Nuke IRC page
  • Nuke Location page
  • Nuke SignDevelopment page
  • Nuke Powerwheels_Car_Number_3 page
  • Fix UserBox usernames to redirect to relevant service user page (i.e.
  • Fix compute zone communication section
  • Change default "Watch page" behavior so the box isn't checked whenever you edit a page
  • Put Officers_and_Board_of_Directors#Bringing_Proposals_to_the_Board somewhere else
    • Should be a HOWTO page

Concrete tasks

Doable, solid, well-defined tasks (with needed supplies and notes)

  • Re-hang maker faire project glossies around perimeter/parapet
  • Possibly move the orange air-hose reel behind the compressor, to make room for flap-curtains.
  • Vinyl a few more for the breaker panels, Nikki has the design already done.
  • Relocate emergency phone info signs to actually be near the phones.
  • Stuff the Yudu machine (below vinyl/behind plotter) back in its box (above vinyl?).
  • Make a sign for doorbell to instruct guests to ring it instead of standing outside awkwardly
  • Re-establish cart-parking by kitchen wall, and re-label all carts
  • Repaint/revinyl n2d2
  • Make a poster about what laser scrap to keep (useful pieces) vs dumpster (remnants that're mostly empty space)
  • Iron on vinyl label "safety glasses" for canvas pockets near bandsaw
  • Make a sheet-metal diverter for the northeast furnace to send partial flow into metalshop.
  • Rehang fire extinguisher in metal shop where access isn't blocked. Suggested handle height is 30-36 inches off the floor. (With a proper concrete screw or anchor please!)
  • Make official-looking sign for front area with Board of Directors, Officers, and Zone Coordinators' names and pictures (Figure out exact design and placement-on corkboard where pictures are now? On whiteboard wall?)
  • first-aid kit: make list of to-buy items, pass to board.
  • Change hydraulic fluid in Genie
  • Make "how to phone" cheatsheets for phones

Abstract or more-planning-needed tasks

  • Make float switch for 12v sump pump, finish backup pump in north sump
  • Create a theme for the wiki that reflects the main website's feel
  • Find a way for the CRM to add/remove people to/from the Google Groups
  • Build printer that, when presented with a member's RFID tag, prints a label with name/date/email/etc
  • Equip the vending machine with a bill acceptor
  • Finish the OpenAccess system CRM integration
  • Implement Bluecam stream
  • Build a spraybooth

Completed tasks

  • Invent a paperless waiver solution
  • Vinyl a "guests must be escorted beyond this point" sign that might be suitable for hanging from a rope/chain *across* the garage door when it's left open for airflow
  • Sign or vinyl on printers with cost per page. (m712: 5c/pg. Color laser: 20c/pg for average cover like graphs/charts, 50c/pg for heavy like dark photos)
  • Fix Chronotune startup bug
  • Replace ballast in lamp over tool crib
  • Sort and label opaque vinyl from translucent vinyl to reduce mistakes and waste
  • Beef up the shelf supports in the H-structure (Nate B has the plan)
  • Clean up non-PPPRS stuff under the H-structure bench, sweep too?
  • Mount tarp under stairs to keep dust off chairs. (Cut and re-size if needed.)
  • Replace vending-machine lock (order new lock!)
  • Clean and restock first-aid kit
  • Make a vinyl finger silhouette for the sawstop for fingers saved, like fighter jets to brag about enemy kills
  • replace cord reel end
  • Build slotted shelving for laser zone storage under desk.
  • metal pegboard in welding zone
  • door closer on front door
  • Wood shop dust collector extension
  • Clean chairs in common area
  • Label/number each plot in member storage (compare MattA system and TerryW system)
  • Replace ballast in lamp over computer zone
  • Install rest of 4-inch bridle rings going up from backboard. (need springnuts, squarenuts)
  • Raise lower shelves of rack adjacent to flammables cabinet, to accommodate fliptop totes
  • Fix the commons-area chairs, and throw away the unfixable ones
  • Tidy the power-meter rs485 box wiring (dual-lock?)
  • Remount loose vises to wood bench in toolcrib (need bigass wood screws?)
  • rough-in Wood shop dust collector drops for new bandsaw and sander (might need a bunch of pipe strap?)
  • Relabel Handheld Drill Rack
  • Inventory tools in tool crib (query ownership), document on wiki or at least labels
  • Cut Plastic to 2'x2' sheets and store under Vacuuform [potlock]
  • Tighten screws on BBQ grill. wipe down, clean grease.
  • Install a phone by the laser cutter
  • Install keeper-wire in Genie battery trays (NateB task. NEED: Yard-sign wire.)
  • Put AED vinyl sticker on north-facing side of AED cabinet.
  • Add outlets along east edge of treehouse
  • Replace intake filter on air compressor.
  • Redo zones map according to zone colors (wiki task!)
  • Expand cable-path down backboard. (NateB task. NEED: Larger/more bridle rings!)
  • Lubricate Genie column (NEED: Boe-Lube in spray can)
  • Scrub out gross bins under e-lab east bench so they're usable
  • Finish installing carpet squares in electronics lab (
  • Investigate the big dust collector's discharge issues
  • Move fire-extinguisher signs in metal shop to point at the actual location
  • Hang light over lathe in woodshop (See GregS for placement. NEED: new fixture, tubes.)
  • Re-stick the strip of whiteboard on the face of the red member storage shelf above the vinyl work area
  • Update photos on [2]
  • Extend machine-shop north wall circuit to south-wall outlets, providing an outlet for the PC there
  • Add a lightswitch in the CNC zone for the CNC light
  • Label newly-purchased safety glasses to reduce walk-off. (Bands of heatshrink with "i3" written, exactly like the Sharpies.)
  • Secure corkboard to wall by kitchen door.
  • Paint frames of bunk couches
  • Trim the kitchen countertop formica
  • Return bad fluorescent tubes
  • unclog utility sink
  • Guest sign-in poster near front door
  • Rebuild wooden welding shield with metal
  • Clean entry door window adhesive residue
  • Shuffle east-wall zones
  • Tear apart big rolly wall thing
  • Rehang whiteboard in fab lab
  • Fix drawer in metal shop Craftsman cabinet
  • Label acids cabinet and move acids into it
  • vinyl "i3" logo on porthole window
  • Clean and sweep area near gas tanks and sandblaster
  • Hang "unescorted guests" sign more securely
  • Clean kitchen window, replace duct tape with clear tape
  • Build stand for butcher-paper roll
  • Install pulley bike hangers
  • hang unused fan in metal shop
  • merge Map_of_Zones into Zones and make the former a redirect
  • Tape Outlines of Zones on the Floor
  • Fix Sawdust receiver on big dust collector
  • Rehang e-room east bench on longer Unistrut for shelf support
  • Reprint all the fastener-basics pages over by the fasteners stock
  • Remove/rehang orange air hose feeding bike zone
  • Fix air leaks!
  • Cut and hang small whiteboard inside fablab north door
  • Winterize roof vents
  • hang new banner over garage door
  • Add lights over welding bench
  • Remove fittings from pipe/conduit and store in "clean stock" rack
  • Add blue paint/tape to machine-shop items (letter drills especially)
  • Make new "i3detroit" and "1481A" vinyl for front door window
  • Separate the compute-zone circuit from the treehouse wiring
  • Take down useless air plumbing near metal shop north wall
  • rehang the Red Green autographed 'duct tape' roll
  • Build new shelving for blue-bins
  • Paint 36-inch keepout zones around electrical panels
  • Replace cat-5 to accesspoint above rack
  • Establish a place for ladders to live
  • Build 4 tables for the Craft Room.
  • get Inkcut running on the vinyl laptop
  • add 7-segment displays to opto section
  • Set up a public terminal or two, for printing and signup tasks, etc
  • Replace battery in west-wall emergency light
  • add outlet for lights near welding area