Sceptre 55in 4K UHD TV

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Sceptre 55in 4K UHD TV
I3detroit classroom tv sceptre 55in 4k uhd.png
Name Sceptre 55” 4K UHD TV
Zone Classroom

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model U550CV-UMR
Part Number SIN: J07W550BCU2609 Ver: UQTV58FE
Date Acquired 2019-12-03
Storage Location Mounted to western classroom wall
Authorization Required No
Status Running
Value Retail $599

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This is a 55 inch 4k TV mounted on the western wall of the classroom, normally used to display information to students.
Input/output can be from the Classroom's Chromecast, a User's connected laptop, or other provided HDMI input.
This television was generously donated to i3Detroit by @jsodell.

If you would like to help with mitigating the costs and for the acquisition of peripherals associated with this equipment, please consider donating funds via the Classroom Zone's PayPal link.


  • Recommend to keep HDMI #1 available for last resort, since its the only MHL supported port for this screen.
  • Chromecast should normally be connected to HDMI #2.
  • HDMI #4 is best used for presenters to connect their laptops for screen sharing.
  • Turn down volume to a low level and please put remote away when finished.


Remote for the Sceptre 55" 4k TV with a label of where the HDMI selection button is..

TBA (including the remote's storage location.)

Powering On

  • Click the red power button at the top of the remote. It takes about 12 seconds to wake, you should see a blue led light at the middle bottom of the bevel after turning on.

Maintenance Info

This television has not been set up for receiving local over the air digital broadcasts.


Is this a Smart TV?

  • No. (But some similar functions can be had by the connected Chromecast.)

How what input/output ports does it have?

  • 4 HDMI & MHL (via HDMI #1) - Also see pic to the right. -->
    I/O Ports for Sceptre 55” 4K UHD TV


*Upload, update main page picture with the actual unit, preferably something displaying i3D logo on the screen. (desktop of Classroom PC or Chromecast?)

  • Update with where the remote is usually to be stored. (Acquire Velcro?)

*Add a picture of the remote.

  • Perhaps make a wiki page for the ChromeCast?

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