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General TODOs

Task Name Description Priority Deadline Champion
Front Door stop Front door bangs on gas meters, attach a doorstop to the floor to prevent 1 Jake
Floor Leveling on B-side Apply floor leveling compound to rough spots 1
Move big sink to B side move to final location and plumb in below B-side treehouse, anytime 2
Front door replacement Find a replacement door, probably frame, and install it 2
Power Runs Label all outlets with the panel and breaker that serves them 2
floor smoothing in wood shop needs real concrete 2
floor smoothing by laser/vinyl needs leveling compound, acid, whole nine yards 2
Thermal Insulation The space leaks some energy in winter, let's find some major leaks and get some solutions in place. Luckily some of our members have FLIRs. 2
Conduit Labeling Designate all conduits with the circuits contained therein, and "downstream" (toward-end-device) "flow" arrows. 3
Roof vent Wood shop vent needs one of the motors on the motor shelf near the bike zone to be installed. 3
Floor pour in old cart storage needs real concrete north of the treehouse stairs. 3
hot water heater look at securing north side to the wall 3
Building ground Tie all the breaker panels to the building beams for ground. Make sure the bus-bar is as well. 5
West wing north vent fan wiring The wire insulation is dead, and that entire area could use cleanup. 6
Rewire old woodshop panel to go off main disconnect instead of from A SW panel It used to be powered through the wall, but was split when A/B were seperated 6

Equipment TODOs

Drone CI
  • Use slack and slack blame into some channel for announcements of pipeline status
  • Better way to edit server-side configuration (instead of re-creating the containers)
Furnace: A Middle
  • needs thermostat
  • Turn towards lasers?
  • Had a label saying fan doesn't work, worked fine for us though.
Furnace: A North
  • Needs a power cycle before it works? Only for cold start though?
  • New thermostat
  • Improve panel access, it's really annoying with how it's currently hung.
Furnace: A South
  • Pilot light won't stay lit, replace thermocouple
  • Needs thermostat
  • turn towards commons?
Furnace: B Mid
  • New Thermostat
Furnace: B North
Furnace: B South
  • Replace switch box on furnace
  • new thermostat
GenieYet to do, short term:
  • Coat battery terminals generously with anticorrosive.
  • Replace the base-run switch.

Wishlist, long term:

  • Diagnose and repair the platform-power connection.
  • Redo the vinyl lettering on the machine panels and sides.
  • Remove, sandblast, repaint, and reinstall the battery bays.
  • Ammeter for charging/discharging current?
IoT Kiosk
  • Add touchscreen capabilities
  • OpenEVSEMaybe replace the i2c cable with something better. There are parts to build another one that has not been completed.
    RFID entry systemKnown esp rfid bugs (not reported to esp rfid because making test cases is annoying)
    • Doors scan as the previous user occasionally
    • doors crash a lot when reading the user list

    Future Plans:

    1. make a script that can automagically pull the spreadsheet, but this is a google permissions issue and I think the best way is to create an account that only has read access to the spreadsheet and use credentials from that and I've been lazy.
    2. Update CRM to replace slot with pin, and put all the keys back in the CRM.
    3. Cronjob or something to update the doors, but this will need some more error handling because the doors will often crash if you sync twice. You just have to retry, but it's annoying.
    Traffic Lightmake PWM capable