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General TODOs

Task Name Description Priority Deadline Champion
Remove conduit clamps from B side north The unused ones Done(?)
Touch up paint on B-side as electrical boxes are moved, paint to fill in the shadows 1
Collect all conduit and fittings to one place Somewhere on b side Done(?)
Floor Scrubbing on B-side Don't run the scrubber dry. Spray the area with the hose and apply some purple degreaser first. Run the floor scrubber over the concrete floor - Track what areas have been scrubbed on the sheet that will be posted by the printout of this list. Done
Floor Leveling on B-side Apply floor leveling compound to rough spots 1
Move big sink to B side move to final location and plumb in below B-side treehouse, anytime 2
Front door replacement Find a replacement door, probably frame, and install it 2
Power Runs Label all outlets with the panel and breaker that serves them 2
floor smoothing in wood shop needs real concrete 2
floor smoothing by laser/vinyl needs leveling compound, acid, whole nine yards 2
Thermal Insulation The space leaks some energy in winter, let's find some major leaks and get some solutions in place. Luckily some of our members have FLIRs. 2
Storage rules Storage rules don't quite match the parking permit thing. Fix the rules and put it on the storage page. 2
Conduit Labeling Designate all conduits with the circuits contained therein, and "downstream" (toward-end-device) "flow" arrows. 3
shower to mop sink convert our shower to a mop sink, it can still be used as a shower in emergencies but it has a strainer so you can dump mop buckets in to it and a hose to fill with. 3
Roof vent Wood shop vent needs one of the motors on the motor shelf near the bike zone to be installed. 3
Floor pour in cart storage needs real concrete north of the treehouse stairs. 3
hot water heater look at securing north side to the wall 3
Building ground Tie all the breaker panels to the building beams for ground. Make sure the bus-bar is as well. 5
West wing north vent fan wiring The wire insulation is dead, and that entire area could use cleanup. 6
Rewire old woodshop panel to go off main disconnect instead of from A SW panel It used to be powered through the wall, but was split when A/B were seperated 6

Equipment TODOs

APC Smart-UPS 3000VAWhy does plugging a serial to usb thing into the serial port cause it to turn off. That is sub optimal.
GenieYet to do, short term:
  • Coat battery terminals generously with anticorrosive.
  • Replace the base-run switch.
  • Now that we have Boe-Lube in spray form, do the needful to the column.

Wishlist, long term:

  • Diagnose and repair the platform-power connection.
  • Redo the vinyl lettering on the machine panels and sides.
  • Remove, sandblast, repaint, and reinstall the battery bays.
  • Ammeter for charging/discharging current?
MQTT Space Map
  • Build a prettier version once we're done adding things
  • Add tool crib H lights to the map, maybe move the other light as we physically moved it
  • OpenEVSEMaybe replace the i2c cable with something better. There are parts to build another one that has not been completed.
    Traffic Lightmake PWM capable