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IoT Kiosk
Status map.png
Name IoT Kiosk
Zone Infrastructure

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model Raspberry Pi 4, Logitech K400 touchpad keyboard, Misc. monitor
Part Number
Date Acquired 09/2021
Storage Location
Authorization Required No
Status Running
Value $200 x2

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There are IoT kiosks by each entrance:

  • A-Side front door
  • B-Side office door

Each consists of a monitor, RPi4, and wireless keyboard w/ touchpad. They are set to automatically load a Home Assistant dashboard in kiosk mode to display the states of the various lights and equipment tracked by our IoT system.

Presently they are informational only, showing what needs to be turned off to Shutdown the space. Eventually, they may be upgraded with touchscreens to control things. For now, you can control most of the space on your phone.



If the Home Assistant UI has been updated, you can force a refresh of the screen by switching on the wireless keyboard and hitting refresh. Remember to turn the keyboard off when you're done.

Maintenance Info

They're running the Raspberry Pi OS. Probably update them from time to time?



  • Add touchscreen capabilities

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