Hot Steam gravity fed iron

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Hot Steam gravity fed iron
Hot steam iron.jpg
Name Hot Steam gravity fed iron (Darth Vapor)
Zone Sewing Zone

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model SGB-600/SGB-900
Part Number SGB600/SGB900 Replacement Plunger Assembly Spring Set
Date Acquired 2018-09
Storage Location Classroom, mounted northwest corner
Authorization Required Yes
Status Running
Value $109

Power Requirements 110V 10amps
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This HÖT-STEAM® SGB-600/SGB-900 steam electric Iron comes complete with a water bottle, 6.5' Silicone Hose, plunger repair kit (plunger packing and plunger spring), spring, iron rest, resin, 9 foot power cord and iron shoe. No need for a LowBoy or boiler. Features an electric micro-switch and temperature control for dependable operation as well as a dual resin filter system. Iron weight is 4.5 pounds.

This iron plugs into a standard outlet (make sure to check that when researching commercial steam irons) and has a water container that holds almost an entire gallon of distilled water. The water container is attached to a wall and then the hose needs to hang from the ceiling or a high point. Iron has a powerful burst of steam, and it does not leak.

Iron Shoe allows you press ANYTHING and it won’t leave shiny marks – even on cheap satin and poly!

This iron is recommended for commercial use only.


   Electric microswitch
   Temperature control
   Includes water bottle, hose, iron rest, resin and iron shoe
   Also comes with spring and sole plate
   Does not require a lowboy or boiler


  • 1. This iron is for sewing.
  • 2. A reasonably quick authorization training is required. The session will explain the most important points of use (hint, how you set it down is very important), storage and maintenance. A manual is included with it in storage, and also via the wiki. If you have no intention to read the manual, please do not use this iron.
  • 3. No glue. Be mindful of your materials.
  • 4. Check plate before you clean up. If you've left residue on the plate, you must clean it with iron cleaner before you leave. If you don't, and the next user has to clean up after you, you owe them some chocolate.
  • 5. Do not take it apart and use it elsewhere. If you need a portable iron, use the other one stored in the craft room.
  • 6. As with the other sewing irons, no grilled cheeses.
  • 7. IMPORTANT: Avoid using the iron without resin as mineral deposits tend to collect and harden inside the iron. When the color of the resin has changed from being mostly blue to mostly light brown, the resin needs to be replaced immediately.
  • 8. Authorization does not grant you to train. If you wish to train others, please see the coordinator to discuss. It will be a simple session but to ensure everyone who uses it is trained with the same information, the authorization training sessions must be uniform from trainer to trainer. Hence let's meet to go over those points.
  • 9. Why the rules? Sewing budget has money to cover the annual maintenance of approximately one sewing machine, and to front a few consumables. Beyond that, there aren't the funds to replace damaged equipment. If we're not careful and the iron is damaged or broken, we don't have a really nice, effective and professional iron for people to use. They have these in professional costume shops. We want to be cool like that, right?


Installation and Connection instructions are in the manual.

OPERATION AND USE (you may want to refer to the print manual for diagram images of parts.)

!IMPORTANT: Initially, you may see water leaking out of the iron. This is not an iron malfunction. It may take a few seconds to heat and evaporate the remaining condensation from previous use.

  • To iron:
  • 1. Place the gravity feed iron on the iron rest.
  • 2. Open the water control valve (turn counterclockwise)
  • 3. Plug in the power cord and turn on the power switch.
  • 4. Set the temperature dial to the desired temperature level.
  • 5. Wait until the heat indicator light turns off.
  • 6. Press the thumb switch a few times to push away any remaining air inside the hose.
  • 7. Start pressing.
  • To clean up:
  • 1. After use, make sure to close the water control valve on the water tank.
  • 2. Unplug the power cord and allow the iron to cool down before storing. If you will be leaving before it cools, you can position the iron so the hot plate is facing out of the cabinet. Adjust hose and plugs to not be touching the hot surface. Leave the door open.



  • Heat indicator light operating functions
- The light on the power switch operates as a heat indicator light and it won't stay on all the time!
* When the light is on: the iron is heating up to the desired temperature range set on the temperature dial.
* When light is off: The iron has reach its desired temperature range set on the temperature dial.
  • Pressing with professional results
- When light is on: Do not press the thumb switch, the iron is re-heating.
- When light is off: Press on the thumb switch with a touch-and-release method (press 1 second and release) for best results.

Iron temperature range

  • Silk and delicate fabric: 1 or 2 (low)
  • Cotton and wool: 3 (medium)
  • Linen, yarn and thick fabric 4 or 5 (high)
  • refer to the print manual for detailed chart

Maintenance Info

Monthly maintenance schedule duties: The following quick maintenance list is highly recommended to perform in a monthly basis for best results and to ensure the iron's longest possible life.

  • Keep the iron base clean of dust and adhered starch-residues.
  • Clean the steam orifices on the base of the iron.
  • Check the resin color.
  • Clean the water tank and the water control valve.
  • Clean the red mesh filter and the silicon hose.
  • Check if the strainer inside of the water tank is in place.
  • Clean the iron hose fitting.
  • Check the plunger packing and the plunger spring.

It requires distilled water. The resin needs replacing when it's mostly amber. Please contact the coordinator if you think it needs changing. Resin has a short shelf life so we are not stocking it.

The resin has a limited shelf life of 12 months under the proper storage conditions. Keep resin in a cool dry area (32F to 90F). Direct sunlight should be avoided. Do not keep in freezer. Do not taunt super happy funball.

SGB600/SGB900 Replacement Plunger Assembly Spring Set, Wawak, $12.79 Iron Resin for Electric Steam Irons 14 oz. $13.85


1. What water does it use? Distilled water. 2. Can I use tap water? We'd prefer you not. It's like toilet water. It's water, but you probably shouldn't drink it. 3. The resin is brown/amber. What do I do? If we have resin in stock, replace the resin following the manual instructions. If we don't have resin, notify the craft room/sewing coordinator. If you're unable to replace the resin, do not use the iron. 4. It's releasing an odor/not releasing steam/keeps releasing steam/releasing water and steam/iron doesn't heat/solenoid isn't clacking, what do I do? Please read the paper manual pages 4-6 for troubleshooting tips and diagrams. It's too much to type! And then put the manual back in the holder for safe keeping. As we don't have a backup copy. If you want a backup copy, please make one. If you lose the manual, it's bad luck. Like 7 years, no chocolate. No chocolate for you.


Perform monthly checks and maintenance.

Authorized Users and Trainers

Trainer Name Certified Date
Jan Henry 04-02-19
User Name Authorized By Date of Most Recent Training
Santana D. Scott Jan Henry 04-03-19
Zia Hooker Jan Henry 04-03-19
Sasha Brandt Jan Henry Fall 2019

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