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Recurring Tasks

Task Name Description Frequency
Check chiller water levels Check water levels in chillers and refill with distilled water as needed (see the gauge on the back of the chiller) Potlock
Clean chiller dust filters Remove the chiller cases and clean out their dust filters Potlock
Cull scrap materials Sort scrap materials in grey drawers and under Bumblebee's desk into "Usable - keep as is", "Usable - needs trimming” and "Too small to keep.” Throw the latter in the dumpster, and for pieces that need trimming, cut unuseful sections off with the band saw. Sort pieces to be kept into their respective drawers or back under the desk. Guidelines: keep wood items larger than ~50in² and acrylics larger than 15in². Smaller colored acrylics may be kept too. Other materials, use your judgement or ask. Potlock
Thoroughly vacuum out debris Vacuum out all of the debris that accumulates in the back and sides of the cutting chamber, as well as all of the debris that has fallen below the laser bed. Potlock
Sweep underneath each laser Sweep out whatever debris has fallen on the floor underneath each laser. Some of this might be useful tools or other items that have gotten lost, so look things over before immediately tossing everything in the trash. Potlock
Clean dust filters on intake fans Remove and clean the small dust filter on the 120mm case fan on the left side of each laser. Monthly?
Clean optics and level the bed Please only attempt these if you've been trained to do them. As needed

Long Term

Task Name Description Priority Champion
Add proper limit switches to Bumblebee Currently, the laser only knows it's position in software, based on initial homing. If this glitches for some reason, which it can be prone to do, the gantry will crash, which is Bad. The functionality for proper "STOP when you reach this point" limit switches exists on the laser controller so this could be done with 4 limit switches and some wiring--some of which will have to run through the flexible wire bundle that moves with the gantry. 1

Equipment TODOs

Laser Cutter - Chinesium
  • Put in new Bed
  • Rewrite Smoothieware - Why? Seems to work?
  • air assist solenoid
  • air assist nozzle
  • replace power switch with sonoff pow
  • add flow switch
  • add door interlock
  • add max endstops
  • better laser focus
Laser Cutter - Cyclops
  • Get a honeycomb that we can set on the cutting table.
  • Get a handle on the metal cutting mode.
Laser Cutter - Full Spectrum
  • The focus slide could be redesigned for less flex.
  • Payment counter?
  • New roller design
Laser Cutter - WolverineDevelop a list of materials, with speed and power settings for various cutting depths.

Add bumpers under the lid.

Add stringer gas shocks so the lid does not slam shut.