Laser Cutter - Full Spectrum

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Laser Cutter - Full Spectrum
Name 40W Laser Cutter
Zone Fab Lab

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model Full Spectrum Laser
Part Number HL40-5g Hobby Advanced Laser 20" x 12"
Date Acquired 2013-07-31
Storage Location South Bench of the Fab Lab
Authorization Required No
Status Running
Value 3500
IP Address
MAC Address 00:04:a3:a1:3c:df
Hostname fslaser.i3detroit.local
Documentation Owner's Manual black binder on west shelves

Online version: File:FSLaser Hobby Series Manual.pdf Old version: File:Hobby-adv-manual-r0.2.pdf Driver/control software:

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  • Please donate $0.25/min of cut time
  • Do not cut or engrave any material listed as BANNED on the Laser Materials List


Owner's Manual: black binder on west shelves

Vent fan, chiller, and air compressor can be controlled with the laser control buttons on the bench next to the laser cutter.

RetinaEngrave (control software) runs on a VM which you can access from the Raspberry Pi terminal hanging on the wall. Click the menu in the upper left, then "VMs", then "Retina Engrave".

Alternately, you can download and install it on your Windows laptop.

Power on the laser by twisting the Emergency Stop button clockwise a little bit, so it springs up. Wait for the controller to boot. RetinaEngrave should detect it. If not, try restarting RetinaEngrave, or use the "specify IP address for connection" and type in the number ( displayed on the laser's control panel.

Operation from this point should proceed according to the manual.

Maintenance Info



  • The focus slide could be redesigned for less flex.
  • Payment counter?
  • New roller design

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