LR Mate 200iC Industrial Robot

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LR Mate 200iC Industrial Robot
Fanuc robot.jpeg
Name Industrial Robot
Zone CNC Shop

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model FANUC / LR Mate 200iC
Part Number F86882
Date Acquired
Storage Location
Authorization Required No
Status Running
Value $10,000 (based on internet for-sale listings)

Documentation File:LR Mate 200iC Series 10.pdf

Further manuals available on the i3 Network drive in the Robot i3 200iC folder (same place as the laser cutter files)

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This is an industrial robot make by FANUC that can be programmed, generally to perform repetitive motions. The robot is actually a collection of 3 systems:

  1. The controller which plans motion, collects signals and causes the robot to move
  2. The robot arm, which mechanically performs the motion
  3. The teach pendant, which acts as a human-machine interface to the robot, allowing the operator to type commands and generally configure, program and run the robot.


  • Total payload cannot exceed 11 lbs
    • Total payload = mass of end of arm tool + mass of anything the robot lifts or moves under its own power
  • The robot should not directly touch food or anything else requiring sanitation
    • This is not a "cleanroom" type robot
  • The robot should not be exposed to chemicals or caustic substances
    • This is not a robot rated for chemical, oil or caustic substance exposure
  • Use common sense
    • Just because this is a low payload robot does not mean it can't or wont cause harm should someone do something stupid with it


  • Before starting any project with the robot it's important to have a plan for how it will be used
  • Know what the robot is going to be doing
  • Are there going to be people working with and or alongside the robot?
  • Make sure the task is safe to do before doing it
  • Have you designed a tool? Will it be lifting something? Have you checked the payload to see if the robot is capable of lifting it
    • only can lift 11lbs at the wrist

Maintenance Info


  • Are there mechanical drawings of the robot?
    • Yes, check the link in the documentation


  • Move the controller to the bottom of the cart
  • Cable routing & cleanup

LR Mate 200iC Industrial Robot Zone: CNC Shop "/>

This was put in the CNC shop because it is controlled numerically by a computer... is this the right space?