Convection Oven

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Convection Oven
Convection Oven.jpg
Name Toastmaster Convection oven
Zone Fab Lab

Owner Matt Gardeski
Make Model Toastmaster
Part Number
Date Acquired 2010/01/01
Storage Location Middle shelf in Fab Lab
Authorization Required No
Status Running
Value 100

Other References


  • This is a convection oven
  • Useful for drying stuff
  • It does not make good toast


If you make a mess, please clean it up.

No food


  • Turn on black power switch
  • Set your temperature (see manual if you want to be more confused)
  • If you're baking anything smelly or running it over 100C, please open the exhaust gate on the left side a little and turn on the FS Laser vent fan
  • Wait for oven to preheat and optionally another 5-10 minutes to stabilize
  • Place parts on oven rack and start a timer (bring your own)
  • When timer goes off remove parts
  • If you're finished baking things, turn the power switch off
  • If you turned on the FS laser vent, turn it off once the oven has cooled a bit

Maintenance Info



  • Plumb in vent ducting after AC blast gate

Convection Oven Matt Gardeski, Zone: Fab Lab "/>