Soldering Station - Edsyn Loner

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Soldering Station - Edsyn Loner
Name Edsyn Loner soldering station
Zone Electronics Lab

Owner Nate Bezanson
Make Model Edsyn Loner 951SX
Part Number n/a
Date Acquired
Storage Location First shelf above the bench. Two on the west, one on the east.
Authorization Required No
Status Running

Documentation * Owner's Manual
Other References There are numerous soldering guides on the internet. [JFGI].
  • I disagree with the "heat the joint and flow the solder into it" mantra.
  • A dab of solder on the tip itself greatly enhances heat transfer.
  • Add a bit of flux to the joint, then touch the solder-dabbed tip to the joint.
  • Then flow fresh solder into the joint, hold until it settles, and pull away. 1-2 seconds per joint.


There are three of these. Each is a closed-loop temperature-controlled soldering iron, with interchangeable tips, a cleaning sponge and iron holder in the base, and adjustable setpoint from 400degF(205degC) to 800degF(427degC). Anyone is welcome to use them, provided they follow the instructions on this page.


  • Don't leave it on when you're not using it.
  • Please notify Nathaniel Bezanson (email available through the CRM or groups) if you suspect malfunction.



  • BEFORE TURNING THE IRON ON, make sure your work is ready and work area is clear.
  • Put on safety glasses, if you're not already wearing some. Molten metal can splash.
  • Turn on the iron, and set the temperature to 675degF if you're using tin-lead solder, or 710degF for lead-free.
  • If you think you need a higher temperature than that, please see Nathaniel Bezanson for some help with your technique.
  • Moisten the sponge with the bottle of DISTILLED WATER on the shelf.
  • Please don't use tap water -- mineral buildup in the sponge will corrode the tips more quickly.
  • Best results are achieved if you clean the tip at least every minute while working, more often at higher temperatures.
  • If the solder doesn't flow like you expect, add flux. Do not increase the tip temperature.
  • When done, turn the iron off and give the tip a final swipe across the sponge. Please put it away clean!


  • Tips are stored in the Altoids tin in the "soldering tools" bin.
  • Select the new tip and the appropriate sleeve for it. Set them aside.
  • Loosen the coupling nut on the current sleeve, and dump the tip and sleeve into the tin.
  • Place the new tip into the heater, and place the sleeve over it.
  • Turn the coupling nut until gently snug. It doesn't take much torque!
  • It's okay to do this while the iron is hot, if you're brave.

Maintenance Info

  • Once in a while, a tip will become oxidized beyond cleanability.
  • Usually, this means it ran at too high a temperature for too long.
  • Usually, this means it must be discarded and replaced.
  • Occasionally, it can be recovered with tinning salts.
  • Please don't attempt this yourself. I (nbezanson) would like to keep tabs on how often this happens, and do it myself.

PLEASE DO NOT MESS WITH THE CALIBRATION. The calibration stability of these irons far exceeds our ability to calibrate them. If you believe the dial is inaccurate, notify Nathaniel Bezanson.


Q: Where did we get these? A: Bruce Sander, of [EAE Sales], sells new and expertly refurbished soldering equipment.

Q: What did they cost? A: Currently a refurb Loner goes for $75. I'm pretty sure I got all three for $65/ea in a quantity deal. Tips were all purchased at Bruce's regular prices, which are quite good.

More questions? Contact Nathaniel Bezanson.


  • Acquire some new tips to replace the ones that've been bent, oxidized to hell and gone, or just plain worn out.
  • New sponges, too. They are considered a consumable.
  • Better labeling / signage, to direct people to this page.

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