Fabric cutting table/mat

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Fabric cutting table/mat
Table with bolt.jpg
Name Fabric Cutting Table and Giant Mat 4x8'
Zone Sewing Zone

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model Quilter's Rule MegaMat, table version 1.0
Part Number
Date Acquired 2016-08
Storage Location Classroom (whiteboard)
Authorization Required Yes
Status Running
Value $240 mat, $200 table

Other References https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7kM22RsaZg


4x8' cutting mat for sewing patterns makes it easier to lay out your fabric and pattern and cut in one shot, rather than repositioning and risking your fabric layout. Also good for bolts of fabric (with the bolt holder) and making bias strips.August 2016, installed April 2017


Use it for: Fabric, patterns, scissors, fabric rotary cutter. Cutting leather with SCISSORS is fine.

Don't use it for: Pretty much if what you're doing would make a hole, gouge (knives make gouges) or stain it, or make it sticky or goopy, please don't. In the event of damage, we would be asking the responsible party for replacement of the mat at $240. A surface with stains, bumps, holes or gouges is not useful for the intended purpose of sewing and fabric. Take good care, use as intended and thanks so much for protecting our assets!

This means including but not limited to, banned materials and activities are: paints, glue, ink, knives, box cutters, drills, heat guns, irons, glue guns, power tools, colors, chalks, pastels, riveting, leatherworking, dyes, hammers, tap dancing, sanding, nailing, installing eyelets, etc. If it makes a hole, there's a good chance it is a bad fit for this mat.


Step 0: Make sure there are at least two tables underneath where the table will be, because when it's lowered, it will be resting on them. It does not hang from the wall.

Step 1: Flip the pin over to release it from the wall plate.

Step 2: Use the remote to allow the winch to lower the table to the classroom tables, adjusting the cable as instructed in training.

Step 3: Release the cable clip and allow it to hang by the wall.

Step 4: If you wish to use 4 sides of the table, unhook the wall-side from the hinges.

Step 5: Lay out your pattern and fabric and cut with scissors or rotary cutter.

Step 6: If you unhinged the table, clip it back into the hinges.

Step 7: Hook the cable back on.

Step 8: Following the instructions given at training, use the remote to lift the table, adjusting the cable slack as instructed.

Step 9: Table will stop just off the wall. Flip the fastener back over on the plate at the top and it holds into place.

Step 10: PUT THE REMOTE AWAY! Do not leave it out. Untrained users stand a chance of using the lift incorrectly, which would destroy the system and 7 months of work, or using banned materials on the mat.

Maintenance Info

It should last us a long time if cared for properly. :-) Just a lightly damp cloth on the surface will remove any dust that may have settled.

Following the simple instructions below will maximize the service of your pinnable MegaMat: 1. Always use a sharp blade. When you press too hard with a dull blade you will damage your mat.

2. Never push harder with a sharp rotary cutter than is necessary to cut the fabric.

3. Cutting repeatedly on the same line will erode the mat on that line and cause it to bubble or warp. Move around with your cuts.

4. Keep your mat clean. Wash it occasionally with warm soapy water.

5. The lines are silk screened with ink cured under UV light. If your lines flake off due to the tiny cuts, you can put them back with a sharpie pen and a ruler.

6. While your MegaMat may have come to you rolled, it is best to store it flat.

7. Do not expose your mat to direct sunlight for long periods or excessive heat sources.


Is it for x-acto type knives? NO.

What type of cutting tool can I use? Scissors and rotary cutters for fabric.

What is it for? Cutting fabric.


Add supports underneath for sewing machine weight

Add bolt roller to hold fabric bolts (up to 60"W round and flat)

Authorized Users and Trainers

Trainer Name Certified Date
David Henry April 1 2017
Jan Henry April 1 2017
User Name Authorized By Date of Most Recent Training
Mike Fink Jan Henry 6-04-17
Melissa Gilchrist Jan Henry 4/15/2018
Kevin Flory Jan Henry hell if I know"hell if I know" contains an extrinsic dash or other characters that are invalid for a date interpretation.
Elizabeth Bates Jan Henry 11/07/18
Zia Jan Henry 11/07/18
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Drew Jackson Jan Henry 01/26/20
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Jonathan Devine Jan Henry 2019
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Akiem Scruggs Jan Henry May 2024

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