SawStop Table Saw

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SawStop Table Saw
Name SawStop Table Saw
Zone Wood Shop

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model SawStop PCS31230-TPG236 10" Professional Cabinet Saw
Part Number S/N P131230787 Service Date 6-12-2013
Date Acquired 2013-12-06
Storage Location This table saw is located in the Wood Shop
Authorization Required Yes
Status Running
Value 2899.00

Documentation * Owners Manual
Other References * SawStop table saw consumables are on this list: Wood Shop Consumables


For sawing wood.

  • Authorization Required for member or guest to Use this Tool Contact a Coordinator or trainer


  • Ripping kiln dried wood, cross cutting panels.
  • Do not cut metals, conductive materials, anything with carbon such as laser cut or engraved traces, black plastic or formica or melamine, green wood, wet wood. If in doubt contact a Woodshop Coordinator.
  • In the event of a flesh contact safety trip i3 will cover the brake cartridge cost, the member will pay for a new Saw Blade $100 range
  • Other trips, from unauthorized use or material, the member or guest replaces the brake and the blade Approx. $190
  • Either the saw safety guard or riving knife must always be used. Never make a cut with out this protection.
  • If using the riving knife, please remove it when you are done and reinstall the full blade guard.
  • After use if using an alternative blade (plywood) replace it with the Combination blade.
  • After use return the blade to its normal position "vertical"
  • The saw must be off and unplugged when changing the blade guard or riving knife and when making any internal adjustments
  • Do not set water or drink containers on the cast iron table


  • Check the machine before use.Check the condition and location of the blade to assure it is correct for your cut, make sure the blade is clear and no cutoffs are left from previous use.
  • To start the saw, first make sure the Start/Stop paddle is in the “OFF” position (i.e., pushed in) and then turn the main power switch to the “ON” position by flipping the toggle upward.
  • The saw control switch ( will start with green and blinking red) after which it will show a steady green light and red off indicating it is ok to start the motor.
  • To start the motor pull the start/stop paddle out. To stop the motor push the start/stop paddle in. The paddle is designed so that it can be pushed in by the operator's leg or knee in an emergency.
  • It is not necessary to turn off the main power switch after pushing in the Start/Stop paddle to turn off the motor. If you plan to make several cuts with the saw, you can leave the main power switch in the ON position between cuts to eliminate the delay due to the initialization routine. Once you have finished using the saw, turn the main power switch to OFF to reduce the likelihood of inadvertent start-up.


Sawing off Book Bindings

  • Although it can be done, it is not recommended. Book bindings often contain glue can heat up and mix with the shredded paper. This mix sticks to the other parts of the machine. Later on, other particles can attach and cause a malfunction.
  • After sawing, the mix of glue/paper must be carefully removed from all parts of the machine using a tool that won’t scratch any part of the machine, such as a thin piece of wood along with a soft brush. Make sure that both the internal and external parts of the machine where the saw dust may have gone are inspected and cleaned as needed.
  • When in doubt, ask the zone warden!

In Event of Emergency or Saw Safety Trip

  • Call 911 if you are hurt and do not move your work, we need to document any failure or accident, take pictures, call one of the wardens.
  • An accident report must be filled out.

Do not try and repair or replace parts with-out Coordinator approval.

Saw Safety Trip Information

  • In general, the safety system acts in the following way:

A small radio-frequency signal is coupled onto the blade by the brake cartridge via a signal line leading to the arbor. While the saw is running, the brake cartridge is also constantly monitoring this signal via a signal return line. If the signal level on the blade drops suddenly, the cartridge detects that drop, and activates the brake mechanism.

  • There are two ways to cause a signal drop:
  1. Load the signal down by grounding it or absorbing it into a large conductive object, or
  2. Interrupt the signal from the signal or return lines (this only happens if a line breaks or a connection comes loose.)

1. above is the usual cause by which activations occur. The human body, once the outer skin layers are penetrated, is very conductive and is quite capable of loading down the signal on the saw blade. A person does not need to be grounded to load down the signal.

  • Other sources of signal loss are due to blade contact with:


  1. Metal sheeting such as Aluminum or copper
  2. Grounded metal (i.e. the blade guard splitter, the riving knife, a metal jig, or a metal tape measure in contact with the table top.)
  3. Relatively large masses of ungrounded metal, such as a tape measure not in contact with the table or a combination square or ruler)
  4. Foil-backed insulation
  5. Mirror-backed plastic (usually a metallic layer deposited onto the back of the plastic)
  6. . Metallic paint layers (e.g. gold paint on picture frames)

Other conductive materials:

  1. Conductive laminate layers (some countertops have a foil layer behind the Formica)
  2. Black melamine board that has carbon black in the melamine layer
  3. Carbon composite materials (helicopter blades, ski poles, fishing poles, tennis racquets)
  4. Electronic circuit boards (because of the conductive layers)
  5. Cell phones (you might think it’s listed here just for humor value, but a shop student actually did run his cell phone into a saw to see what would happen)
  6. Uncured glue layers (wet glue is a good electrical simulator of a person)
  7. Wet pressure-treated materials (the metallic salt solutions use to treat the wood are quite conductive unless very dry)
  8. Very wet wood (though usually the saw will try to shut down rather than activating the brake)

Maintenance Info

  • Keep table clean, clear and dry
  • Check to make sure dust collection piping is clear. You will feel a clear vacuum pull when you remove the insert.
  • SawStop table saw consumables are on this list: Wood Shop Consumables
  • If the brake trips Both the brake cartridge and Blade MUST be changed


What happens if the safety brake trips?

The saw comes to an abrupt stop, loud noise, and the blade lowers as part of the energy absorption mechanics.

Is the brake cartride or blade reusable?

No, the brake cartridge and saw blade are rendered unusable.

How much do the brake cartridges cost?


How wet is wet ?

Any wood that has been left outside exposed to the elements for an extended time. Green freshly cut wood.

Will this system prevent Kickback?

NO, all normal kickback precautions must be taken


  • make cutting fixtures and storage for saw things

Authorized Users and Trainers

Trainer Name Certified Date
Greg Smith 2013/05/28
Dave Scholl 2013/05/28
Konrad Brown 2015/01/06
Katlyn Mehne 2019/09/15
Tim Clayson 2020/02/28
Rick Cortright 2021/03/01
Frank Aloia 2022/11/22
Osama Neiroukh 2024/07/01
User Name Authorized By Date of Most Recent Training
Evan Allen Greg Smith 2015/03/26
Mark Ament Greg Smith 2014/06/01
Nickolas Anderson Greg Smith 06/29/2013
Jon Anderson Greg Smith 2013/06/12
John Anderson Greg Smith 06/13/2013
Ryan Ball Greg Smith 06/18/2013
Cody Barz Dave Scholl 2014/12/16
Joseph Bauman Dave Scholl 2014/11/21
Kevin Bessemer Greg Smith 2016/02/22
Brandon Chase Greg Smith 2016/02/22
Brandon Biller Konrad Brown 2015/01/06
Konrad Brown Greg Smith 2013/12/06
Shadow Daiz Dave Scholl 2015/01/06
Sean Denny Greg Smith 2016/02/22
Mike Fink Greg Smith 2015/03/26
Fai Foen Greg Smith 2016/01/25
James Freed Greg Smith 2016/01/25
Matt Gardeski Greg Smith 2016/01/25
Cameron Geralds Dave Scholl 2014/12/16
Aaron Greenwell Greg Smith 2015/03/26
Leonard Kinnaird-Heether Greg Smith 2013/12/06
Amy Hang Greg Smith 2016/02/22
Ted Hansen Greg Smith 2013/12/06
Andy Hayden Thomas Tusano 2018/3/31
David Henry Dave Scholl 2014/11/07
Richard Hillier Dave Scholl 11/29/2016
Matt Huber Greg Smith 2015/03/26
Simon Hurst Greg Smith 2014/10/26
Thad Johnson Greg Smith 2015/07/17
Tom Kim Greg Smith 2015/09/01
Ron Knockeart Greg Smith 2015/05/05
Nick Kriete Greg Smith 2015/03/23
Keegan Kuvach Dave Scholl 2014/10/11
Duran Mapson Greg Smith 2014/11/05
Rocco Marras Greg Smith 2014/08/01
Collin Martel Greg Smith 2015/07/17
Steve Marlow Greg Smith 2014/10/29
Tyler Marlow Greg Smith 2014/10/29
Colin Martin Greg Smith 2015/11/15
Mark Metcalf Greg Smith 2015/07/09
Mark Miles Greg Smith 2013/06/29
Charlie Mooney Greg Smith 2016/01/25
Zachary Nash Greg Smith 2015/11/15
Bravin Neff Thomas Tusano 2018/3/31
Steve Nowicki Greg Smith 2013/06/18
James O'Dell Greg Smith 2016/02/22
Les Orchard Dave Scholl 2017/01/03
Chris Orth Greg Smith 2015/01/15
Christine Osinski Greg Smith 2013/06/14
Christopher Platzer Greg Smith 2013/06/13
Rich Points Dave Scholl 2017/02/21
Charlie Rysenga Greg Smith 2015/01/06
Kirsten Schaefer Dave Scholl 2014/11/25
Dave Scholl Greg Smith 2013/06/13
Adam Scholl Greg Smith 2013/06/13
Santana D. Scott Greg Smith 2019/02/04
Steve Shmanske Greg Smith 2013/06/13
Tony Slover Dave Scholl 2016/11/15
Rob Stein Greg Smith 2015/03/23
John Sugg Greg Smith 2013/06/13
Justin Triplett Greg Smith 2013/06/13
Nate W Greg Smith 2014/10/29
Nicole Weltman Greg Smith 2015/03/26
Brian Wennberg Greg Smith 2013/06/13
Will Hinchman Dave Scholl 2017/02/28
Mary Hobart Thomas Tusano 2018/03/29
Patrick Irish Dave Scholl 2017/03/21
Evan Parizot Dave Scholl 2017/05/16
Sasha Brandt Dave Scholl 2017/06/27
Adam Schrader Dave Scholl 2017/08/05
Walker Archer Dave Scholl 2017/08/05
Thomas Tufts Dave Scholl 2017/08/05
Mike Schweyen Dave Scholl 2018/05/15
Cyrille Goldstein Dave Scholl 2018/05/15
Marty Peltz Dave Scholl 2018/08/07
Bravin Neff Thomas Tusano 2018/08/30
Mark Furland Thomas Tusano 2018-11-19
Greg Good Thomas Tusano 2018-11-19
Julien Cohen Thomas Tusano 2018-11-19
Robert Burns Thomas Tusano 2018-11-19
Aisha Blake Thomas Tusano 2018-11-19
Rufus Thames Thomas Tusano 2018-12-20
Brian Maynard Dave Scholl 2019-01-02
Bryan Williams Thomas Tusano 2019-03-02
Matt Burlison Dave Scholl 2019-04-02
Avery Sturzl Thomas Tusano 2019-04-29
Terry Weymouth Thomas Tusano 2019-05-05
Ray Polito Thomas Tusano 2019-06-10
Kevin Bastyr Thomas Tusano 2019-06-28
Joe Girard Thomas Tusano 2019-08-01
Kevin Fanning Thomas Tusano 30oct2019
Michael Bereczky Thomas Tusano 2020-01-26
Tobias Schleich Thomas Tusano 2020/02/04
Thomas Mackey Thomas Tusano 2020-01-26
Tim Clayson Thomas Tusano 2020/02/04
Rick Cortright Thomas Tusano 2020/04/01
Sean Stevens Thomas Tusano 2020/02/15
Lisa Gardner Tim Clayson 2020/10/13
Zach Sutton Rick Cortright 2021/03/02
Isaac Jackel Rick Cortright 2021/07/22
Paul Askins Tim Clayson 2021/07/31
Joe Smeltzer Tim Clayson 2021/09/22
Jennifer Miller Tim Clayson 2021/09/22
Ryan Smith Tim Clayson 2021/11/03
Con Vuong Tim Clayson 2022/1/12
Katlyn Mehne Tim Clayson 2022/2/15
Matt Carpenter Tim Clayson 2022/2/20
Jon Williams Tim Clayson 2022/04/01
Patrick Guyon Tim Clayson 2022/05/04
Nick LaRocca Tim Clayson 2022/04/15
John Kollman Tim Clayson 2022/05/20
Alex Taylor Tim Clayson 2022/08/10
Darwin Smith Tim Clayson 2022/08/25
Frank Aloia Tim Clayson 2022/09/25
Evan Greene Tim Clayson 2022/08/25
Gary Grzebienik Tim Clayson 2022/08/25
William Cunningham Tim Clayson 2022/11/13
Freddy Neumann Tim Clayson 2022/11/13
Sean Kelly Frank Aloia 2023/11/23
Drake Shackelford Frank Aloia 02/02/23
Jayson Brown Frank Aloia 02/02/23
Blake Icabone Frank Aloia 02/08/23
Tim Wainz Tim Clayson 04/01/23
Leo Gong Frank Aloia 05/09/2023
Athar Bakth Frank Aloia 2023/06/21
Adam Williams Frank Aloia 2023/06/21
Lou Wilson Frank Aloia 2023/06/21
Steven Maas Frank Aloia 2023/06/21
Furqan Memon Frank Aloia 2023/06/21
Kristina Schmidt Frank Aloia 2023/06/21
Mark Welty Frank Aloia 2023/07/10
Brian Bezanson Frank Aloia 2023/10/10
Paul Lee Frank Aloia 2023/10/10
Faizan Shaik Frank Aloia 2023/12/07
Emerson Craven Frank Aloia 2023/12/07
Lauren Yellen Frank Aloia 2023/12/07
Megan Greenwood Frank Aloia 2023/12/16
Brian Bezanson Frank Aloia 03/14/2024
Brenda Spalding Frank Aloia 03/14/2024
Theodore Clem Frank Aloia 03/14/2024
Jack Bowman Frank Aloia 03/14/2024
Adam Killeen Frank Aloia 03/20/2024
Isaiah Boyce Frank Aloia 04/2/2024
David Smith Frank Aloia 04/2/2024
Alex Williams Frank Aloia 04/12/2024
John Montgomery Frank Aloia 04/12/2024
Grant Lehmkuhl Frank Aloia 04/12/2024
Thomas Burns Frank Aloia 04/24/2024
Matteus Huvaere Frank Aloia 05/01/2024
Petur Gislason Frank Aloia 05/01/2024
Michael Kmiec Frank Aloia 05/01/2024
Craig Houston Tim Clayson 6/29/2024
David Lee Tim Clayson 6/29/2024
Alex Zurowski Osama Neiroukh 7/14/2024
MaryLaura Mau Osama Neiroukh 7/14/2024
Ryan Chapman Osama Neiroukh 7/14/2024
Ben Newton Frank Aloia 2024/07/1

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