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Zone Information
Zone Name Wood Shop
Status Active
Zone Slogan "I wish you wood"
Zone Coordinator(s) Tim Clayson
Zone Slack #wood-shop
Zone E-mail

Zone Color Green
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Shop Safety!

  • Keep shop area clear of debris, cutoff pieces and other hazards.
  • Wear Eye and Hearing protection at all time using woodworking power tools.
  • Wear appropriate clothing. Tie long hair back, remove dangling jewelery, remove work gloves.
  • Take your time. Accidents happen because someone is in too big of a hurry.
  • Think about what you are doing. If something seems unsafe, it probably is.

Training vs Authorization

  • When Authorized to use tools, it means you have been authorized by a trainer to use the tools, this assumes you are a skilled woodworker and have woodworking know-how to use the tool. Authorization refers to the unique things that are required of a user at i3, one knows how to use the tool, maintain it, where parts and tools unique to the tool are kept, and the proper condition to leave it in.

Dust Control

  • Do not vacuum any metal objects with Large dust-collector machine, it must be used only for sawdust.

Table of Equipment

Equipment Authorization Owner(s) Status
Craftsman 16gal Wet-Dry Vac No i3Detroit Running
Cyclonic Dust Collection System No i3Detroit Running
DeWALT Mitersaw No i3Detroit Running
Jet 1221 Wood Lathe No i3Detroit Running
Jet 15 inch planer no i3Detroit Running
Jet Jointer No i3Detroit Running
Jet Drill Press No Dave Scholl Running
Milwaukee Panel Saw No i3Detroit Running
Powermatic 14 inch Bandsaw Yes i3Detroit Running
Powermatic Belt and Disc Sander Yes i3Detroit Running
Powermatic Oscillating Spindle Sander No i3Detroit Running
Rigid 16gal Wet-Dry Vac No Unknown Running
RoundOverBit Router Cart No i3Detroit Running
Router Table No i3Detroit Running
Jet Drum Sander Yes i3Detroit Running
SawStop Table Saw Yes i3Detroit Running
Wood Lathe No Greg Smith Running

Raw Material Storage

Material Storage Policy

Sheet Goods Rack: (Wood or plastic) (No Glass or sheetmetal) 1/4 sheet (8 sq. ft.) or larger sheet goods, or boards narrower than 12 in. but longer than 4 ft. A-frame Rack Exterior: Less than 1/4 sheet (8 sq. ft.) but at least 24 in. by 12 in. sheet goods, or boards narrower than 12 in. and between 2 ft. and 4 ft. long. A-frame Rack Interior: Boards narrower than 12 in. and more than 4 ft. long, and not sturdy enough to stand up in a vertical storage rack. Shelf under the miter saw: a limited quantity of smaller pieces for open-use will be kept here.

Material Owned by Individual Members

Raw Material Space permitting, storage in the Sheet Goods Rack and A-frame Rack is available for the sizes and material described above. Your raw material must be marked with Name, Phone, Email, and Date, or Parking Permit, or it will be considered open-use and available for others to use. Your raw material should not be stored for longer than 90 days. After 90 days, even fully labeled material becomes open-use. We request that WS Parking Permits not extend for more than 90 days.

In-Process Projects: A shelving unit marked for Member Projects is available in the wood shop for small in-process storage while clamping, gluing, finishing, etc.. Use of this area requires a Parking Permit and should not exceed 30 days. Large in-process projects also require a Parking Permit and should be on a cart or some movable rack so that others may move it out of the way.

I3-Owned Material Storage

Any material marked with a date and “i3” or “WS” is reserved until that date for an internal i3 project and should not be used without a Coordinator's permission. After that date, it is available for open-use.

Open-Use Material Storage

Materials stored in the “over the window rack”, the Sheet Goods Rack, or the rolling A-frame Rack, without a proper label as described above, are available for open-use by anyone working in the space.

Open-Use Compensation: The intent of open-use material, whether donated or purchased with Wood Shop funds, is to provide a convenient source for small amounts of common materials. We do not have space or funds to provide a complete material supply for projects. If you use a piece of open-use material longer than 4 feet or larger than a quarter sheet, please deposit an appropriate amount of compensation into the Wood Shop Donation Box.

Material Donation: Members wanting to donate a manageable quantity of leftover project material may leave it in the appropriate location, space permitting, where it will be available for open-use. The Coordinators will periodically cull the stored open-use material to remove duplicates and seldom-used items.


Power Tool Wish List

  • i3 ownership 15 inch Floor mount Drill Press
  • Larger wood lathe (something long enough to turn a banister post would cover my other applications)

Hand Tool Wish List

  • Square
  • more good clamps (not harbor freight)

Wood Shop Suggestions

Add tools, Policies, or anything here

Wood Shop Training

Wood Shop Maintenance Log