Laguna Cyclone Dust Collector

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Laguna Cyclone Dust Collector
Name Laguna Dust Collector
Zone Wood Shop

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model Laguna TFlux:10 Cyclone
Part Number Serial Number 20370022
Date Acquired 2020/09/29
Storage Location
Authorization Required No
Status Down
Value $5898

Power Requirements 240V 3-Phase 50Amp
Documentation * Owners Manual
Other References


Laguna 10HP, 4030CFM, 1 micron filter, 2 54Gallon collection drums, auto-clean canister. Documentation for remote OnOff buttons can be found here - Dust_Collector_Automation



Sensors on front panel indicate if bins are full or if HEPA canister needs cleaning, however, physical inspection should also be done regularly.

EMPTYING THE DRUMS Periodically inspect the contents of the drum and empty as needed.

  • Lift the red hand on the latch on the drum lid to lower the drum.
  • Roll it away from the machine far enough to pull bag out. Note that there is a hose attached to the back of drums limiting the distance they can be pulled out.
  • Inspect and empty as needed.
  • Replace bag. Use of bags is mandatory.
  • Push drums back. Make sure they are seated completely back in the frame.
  • Close the red handle latch and lower the locking tab. There should be no gaps between the drum and the rubber seal on the frame when latched.

Maintenance Info

HEPA filter should be cleaned every 6 months using compressed air to clear dust off filter. Bin at bottom of filter should be emptied after filter cleaning.



Laguna Cyclone Dust Collector Zone: Wood Shop "/>